sex offenders in texas ordered to put up signs

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Judge court ordered 21 sex offenders in texas to place signs in their front yard saying danger sex offender and bumper stickers saying the same on their cars.Only in texas do they have the b---- to do that LUV you texas keep it up calif will never go for something like that.

Personally I think a brand on their forehead would be nicer and it can't be removed!

either that, or their gonads in a pouch they carry on a chain around theirneck..

its only an idea


This is a very creative judge. I am however against punishing people who have finished their sentences. You should be able to function after being released from prison. This example of deterence general or specific is bound to cause trouble. Why should we bother to release people back into our communities. This is also very dangerous some released offenders will commit new crimes to go back to prison if they can not make it out in society. Of course we need to keep certain offenders away from certain victims.

I do not live there, in TEXAS, that is, but this is a reason why I love Texas!!!!!

They always go and do something that the rest of the COUNRTY should be doing as well!!!

to chili one thing about a sex offender they will straight out tell you that the only way they are cured is to keep children away from them.Unfortunatly our laws that we as a state govern allows most child molestors to have a parole would be surprised how many probley live by you and even more so if you could read what some have done.I dont beleive in locking the children up but I do beleive I have the right to know who they are so I can protect my children because they are the victims not the predators.I had a child molester tell me once I will go back out and do it again without a dought he paroled 3 months later.

why stop with the sex offenders, why not make

all released convicts publicize their crimes.

Originally posted by Yeti1313LPN:

either that, or their gonads in a pouch they carry on a chain around theirneck..

its only an idea


I have to admit, I like your idea even better than mine!!!!!!

I respectfully disagree with all of you. Remember too that not all sex offenders are violent rapists who prey on children. Several sex offenders are convicted of statutory rape and you would have to read the case file to truly understand the circumstances of each case. Just my thoughts.

"Not all sex offenders are violent rapists that prey on children" and "Several sex offenders are convicted of statutory rape"

Well Chili, I just don't know where to begin. Are we supposed to feel relieved that these sex offenders only prey on women or our underage daughters. I am confused by your statement! Personally, I think these criminals should stay in prison longer and not be out in our neighborhoods at all. And I think people have a right to know if a convicted sex offender has moved in next door. The sign thing is a little extreme, but for some reason I don't feel sorry for these sex offenders!

chili I dont know what kind of world you live in but I have worked 8-16 hours a day with these types and yes I have read many case files and what any psychiatrist (and I have worked with some of the best in the states will tell you)is serial rapist,child molesters and serial killers are behavior driven)they are human predators you can not stop their behavior.but unfortunantly we have alot of people out there that say if he has served his time let him go give him counseling and its his right to be left alone.and before you know it you have a child raped someone killed etc.I work very hard on victims rights committies and feel one good thing about my job is public awareness of victims rights.noone has the right to rape someone not once especially a child and yes everyone has the right to know who they are to protect theirselves and their family.they lost that right when they took it upon theirselves to violate into someone else I agree some times people make mistakes and pay for it.but sexual behavior acts is something completly diffrent and one predator can hurt several people before being picked up again.and by law in some states the judge can only give them so much time so when their parole date comes they parole and alot of judges who I have spoken to get very angry about it.I will give you a personell example.A inmate about 2 years ago threw urine on me what we call gassing he did not have any reason and he told the juge he did not except he hates women.when the investagators came to speak with me asking me to testify (it takes a lot of time,etc to go throught this so you would be surprised how many officers just let it go)and then he told me this guys first time convicted is he took year old neighbor kid tied her up for 10 hours raped her cut her private part with a knife.his wife yes he was married came home and found him.for this he got 7 years with aparole date of 2002 (and he was to parole to the marin county area.second offense was in a level 4 main line is he assulted a female correctional officer where which got him in a shu for a 1 year shu sentence(still with aparole date of 2002.I went to court and finally he got a 25 year sentence which of course his lawyer is appealing.but look what it you see I not only agree with that judge,I feel he took the guts to do what most people in law enforcement know what needs to be done.I could tell you much worse cases and the fact w parole inmates daily from high security areas.California is getting ready to spend 3.5 billion on a institution for sexual predators which I'm sorry but I rather see that go into our schools because like everyone says if we can't change their behavior(another institution in calif already has proven that ) then why spend all that money?

Thanks Kjmta!! You said everything that I wanted to say and more!!

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