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Seton RN Residency July 2015


Hello Everybody!

I just wanted to start a thread for us to help each other get through the Seton RN Residency selection process for July 2015.

Feel free to post any updates, questions, and experiences.

I applied 2.17, and as of today my paperwork for routed to HR. I am patiently awaiting further information.

Also, who will be attending the open house?

Finally, I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!

Hi there!

I applied as well. I've been working for six months in Wisconsin, but I'm hoping to relocate to Austin by late March/early April. I will be attending the open house next week.

Can't wait to get to Austin!

I am out of state so I am still not sure if I can attend. What units did you apply for?

I am applying to this as well. I am just waiting on 2 of my instructors to upload the reference forms. (Hopefully they do it soon!) I am applying to 1) Perinatal 2) PEDS and 3) NICU. I am also going to the open house next week. What areas did you all apply for?

I applied for NICU, Perinatal and Peds in that order. =] same units as you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope your instructors write back soon. I'm not sure if you know but you can still submit even if not all of your references submitted the paperwork yet, just as long as you have the 2 minimum. That way they can approve you and get your application over to HR ASAP.

I'm still waiting to get just the 2 submitted. I'm hoping to submit my application before the open house on Wednesday. Will you be graduating with an ADN or BSN degree? I figure those 3 will be the most popular...hopefully we have a chance to interview!!

BSN, how about you?

I applied to NICU, Acute Care (Cardio/Tele), and Perinatal. I have my BSN as well. Is there anything to bring to the open house besides resumes?

I will be graduating in May with my ADN. They did say they preferred BSN over ADN, but do hire ADN's....so that gives me hope! I am just going to bring my resume to the open house. How dressed up are you going to get for it?!

I just submitted my residency application today. I am interested in NICU, Peds, and Adult ICU. I will also be going to the open house next week! Wishing everybody the best of luck!!

Brooklyn- Of course there is hope! I know last cohort some people with a BSN who didn't even get an interview and I also know that some people with ADN who got accepted into the program, so don't give up!

Livi- Good luck to you! I am noticing a NICU passion in the post :)

Are you guys from the area?

Megatron- I think resumes and lots of smiles is sufficient

I live in the Central Texas Area...about an hour from Austin.

I will be attending from OKC! I chose ER, Critical Care, and Peds as my top 3 choices :)

What time did you guys sign up to go?

Thanks Smara! I really liked NICU when I got to spend some time there. I am attending the open house at 4pm because I have class till about 3:45 that day. So, I am just going to rush there as soon as class is out. I am excited but nervous to go!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great!

Unfortunately, I am unable to go which might lower my chances significantly but I have class that day and I am out of state. Wish you guys all the best, knock their socks off =]


Has 3 years experience.

I applied as well! ADN student. Selected ER, Peds, Behavioral health. I'll be going to the open house as well.. at 2pm :)