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seriously considering travel/questions

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I currently live in a state where I have no family, I am renting a house, I have no ties here, I am single with three teenagers who also have no ties here. I am from a military family and am used to picking up and moving on a whim, and I have worked in many different hospitals and states. My specialty is L&D. I am seriously considering travel. My kids are homeschooled already so moving schools isn't an issue. I think it will be really good for them to see the United States. I'm not in it for the money as much as the travel and experience for my kids. My biggest fear/question is, how long between assignments? I'd just like to jump from one to the next, bouncing around and taking in the country. Has anyone experienced a significant period of time between assignments? Being single I cannot go for long without income...my teens eat too much!!! With kids I will obviously need more than a one bedroom, but they are all boys and don't mind the frat lifestyle sleeping all in the same room so wouldn't need more than two bedrooms. Definitely need washer/dryer, no way I'm lugging their laundry all over town. How good are companies at finding housing in nice/safe areas? I do not have a "tax home" and was intending using my mom's address as my "permanent residence" since I have no place else. I understand this will make my income completely taxable? Will that decrease my take home significantly or will it be just like my full time position now where everything is taxable? I also hear that health insurance is very expensive with traveling. How expensive is "very expensive"? I don't want to get excited about this and realize I'll be completely broke and out of a job.



I too am hoping for an idea of the length of time between assignments..any ideas out there?


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It just depends on availability. My agency starts offering me positions before my current assignment is done. If I want to I could go right on to somewhere else but I don't want to. I have a home I return to for a week minimum, more if I can afford it.


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I have been traveling for 8 years and have had no problems bouncing from one assignment to the next at all. I have made it a point to take a week or 2 in between assignments to reward myself with a vacation after every assignment. Just make sure to keep your recruiters on top of things and finding you an assignment 2 to 3 weeks before your contract is up. Good luck.

I worked with a nurse a few years ago that had 4 kids,her husband had lost his job which was causing them to loose their home , so she packed them all up and went west for travel nursing , three years later she and her family are still traveling and loving the lifestyle !


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I have not had any issues finding the next assignment, it may not be exactly where I want to go - but traveling requires flexibility. I generally start looking about 2 weeks from the end of my current assignment. Facilities do not post needs further out than that (typically). As the above poster said, I also take a couple of weeks off in between if I can.

The agencies vary on what type of housing they provide. You can always take the stipend and find your own housing if you don't mind doing the research yourself. If you take the housing, they are supposed to find you safe housing - it does not always work out that way. Everyone's view on safe/desirable amenities is different.

As far as insurance, some of the agencies offer that - some give you an insurance stipend to offset the cost. The tax home thing is a big deal. I am not sure how it would affect your pay if you don't have one. I would ask an accountant, you have to pay taxes somewhere.

You can PM me if you want my opinion on the agencies I have used so far.