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  1. Nurse Becky 444

    Length of time between assignments

    Thanks for your reply... I know that the psych travel industry isn't at it's prime, and that obtaining travel jobs might be difficult. Would a travel company hire me without the ability to provide me with a contract?
  2. Nurse Becky 444

    seriously considering travel/questions

    I too am hoping for an idea of the length of time between assignments..any ideas out there?
  3. Nurse Becky 444

    Length of time between assignments

    I am joining on with American traveler for my first assignment soon! I am very excited to begin this part of my career. One thing that really concerns me, and I am hoping for some advice, is the length of time between assignments. Do you get to go from place to place, or is there usually a long period of time in between? I'm a psych nurse, but hearing from all specialties is helpful! Thanks so much!
  4. Hello! I have been an outpatient psych RN for the past 3 years, and have 10 months of inpatient experience. I am about to take my first travel assignment with worldwide travel staffing in North Carolina. Any information about this company or North Carolina assignments? Thanks so much!