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Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!


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Ah, wished I saw this thread earlier hehehe

Hello fellow students! I just finished in September 27th for a 16 month LVN program at CCC in Los Angeles, CA. Very happy I'm done.

I bet you all are happy that hesi a2 exam was over with eh? lol

Hey Shirley I'm going to CCC in October for the LVN program, how did you like it? Did they prep you enough to pass ur NCLEX?



Hello, kayleeray i'm kendra and im researching american medical insti. In houston tx please tell me that's where you attended. The lvn program starts at the end of march 2013. Also can you tell me a little about the program cost, hesi , or tesi thks kendra

Finished my LVN program at saint Joseph's school of nursing Lancaster ca,

VERY affordable, resourceful.

Got a job with the help of their student services.