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  1. texasboi

    Possible to Work as a CNA without State license?

    I'm taking my license in Houston in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know where I can work specifically by name in the downtown/galleria/ timbergrove/ greenway areas without my license first? I need extra income for weekends and am just moving to Houston and know nobody in this field. Everytime I send an email or call a hospital or LTR facility I'm not getting any response and the response i do get is to get your license but I KNOW there are places that hire you without a license too...I plan on getting my license but don't know where to work in the meantime. Someone please help, thanks I'll be living in zip 77008 and will work weekends anywheres 20 minutes or less away. I have a Memorial Hermann right down the block but being a hospital I figure no shot or am I wrong? Where does one go for mentors in Houston so I know someone in the field and will be advised properly of what certifications I should get and keep getting for more dollars and better jobs until I get my RN. Thank you all
  2. texasboi

    PCA/CNA starting salaries needed as of Nov 2010 in Texas

    Hi, any chance you know what phlebotomists start out with as well?
  3. texasboi

    Free Cna Classes In The Houston Area!!!

    Anyone know of any free classes in the houston area now updated November 2010? Or know of any cheap classes and know of starting salaries in Houston for CNA? Do hospitals pay $15 an hour and up? Some Houston salaries and school information please, thanks
  4. texasboi

    PCA/CNA starting salaries needed as of Nov 2010 in Texas

    thanks TheCommuter...quick question, if I wanted to find a place to work as a CNA/ PCA and get paid while I attend a school and take the certification test what would be a better place, LTC or Hospital? Do you know of any places that help you do this? My license is in Oklahoma and it will cost a few hundred to transfer so I think it will be easier to take the course over since its not that long anyways... I'd like to be on the higher side of that pay scale you said, I heard they make more in Houston b/c of the larger medical center, have you heard anything about this? Do you know how I can get into this field in Texas where you are too? I know I have to start somewhere and i'm prepared
  5. texasboi

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    do you know if this is still the staring wage or is there something higher, what hospitals do you know of that hires for more? I'm trying to start this myself but out of all the websites nobody is calling me back
  6. texasboi

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    Is this in Dallas? Are they still hiring more CNA/PCA's...could you let me know where
  7. texasboi

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    Hi, are these for CNA/ PCA salaries? Do you know if your hospital is hiring now? or where I could go for a job? I'd like to make at least 15 an hr, will forfeit the benefits to do so and look to make 10 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week to make ends meet while taking my additional courses for entrance in RN school, could you let me know if they are hiring or where you know of, thanks
  8. texasboi

    Dallas: VA/Medical City/Presbyterian GN Pay Rate?

    How much did you make as a PCA/CNA and do u think that increased since
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm looking to be a PCA/ CNA either in Dallas / Ft Worth Area or Houston or Austin Areas. Here in Oklahoma I can make $15 an hr. I don't really want to settle in Oklahoma and want to move back to Texas. Can some RN's, CNA's PCA's etc someone with current experience tell me what the starting wages are in each area. And How do I get into it? Call directly to the hospitals, agencies, websites or what? I've been sending my resume out through websites but nothing yet. I want to continue on for my RN too but need to move and really need some help. If I call the hospitals directly, do I just speak with the hiring dept or Human Resources? I hear its so easy to get a job as a CNA or PCA because the turnover rate is so high but how come i'm not getting any call backs? I was chatting on here one time with someone in Houston who said b/c the medical center is larger in the hospitals their PCA's make more then $15 an hour but can't find that thread. Anyone in Houston can tell me this, Dallas, Austin? Please don't email or reply if its not relevent to what i'm asking. Thank you all
  10. texasboi

    DNI Dallas Nursing Institute RN program

    I agree....go to Community College so all of your hard work will be recognized. For one Community College your credits will be transferable to go on further in your career. Yes they are competitive but most schools are....remember if it were easy everyone would be doing it. I don't think you need a steller 4.0, work as a CNA if you can to show you're interested even if one day a week or on the weekend or even part time evenings...this shows your dedication to get into the program and will possibly go towards your point system they use. Also do all your pre req subjects and then apply. Chances are good you'll get in and if not the 1st time you will the 2nd time. DO NOT GO TO DNI......I've heard too many horror stories. Its overpriced number 1 and two once you get in they have your money and if you don't do well they will drop you from the course and no refund. Its also very accelerated compared to college. They are not accredited and have numerous complaints against them. Do you research on them. ADVANTAGE to Community College, they care, less expensive, tutoring centers for free in the help center in college, accredited, etc etc Good Luck and i'll be seeing you as i'm looking to enter Community College as well and get my CNA too.
  11. Hi, I'm assuming you have completed the fast track CNA program...how do you like it? Was the program fast or ok? Did you go days/nights/weekend to complete the CNA course? How much was it? Did you get accepted to the RN program or are you still doing your pre stuff? Sorry so many questions but i'm looking to do the same things
  12. texasboi

    CNA Classes in Knoxville

    Out of the TN Tech Center, Red Cross and a nursing home, to get your CNA which you say to do? Can you also inform me of the days and hours of each program and if they are only offered days or nights? How much is each program? If I work for a nursing home without my CNA in the afternoons, evenings and weekends and go to school during the day or can I work as a CNA with no license during the day and they will pay me to take the classes? So confused
  13. Congrats on passing your course. Can you advise me how many days a week school was and the hours you attended. Is it just day or do they have a night program? I want to work as a CNA while I go take the course. I took a CNA course here in Oklahoma but I realize that I will have to pay $400 to transfer my license and I may as well just take another course and save the $400. Thanks
  14. texasboi

    LPN Evening Schools In Houston????

    Does anyone know of any LPN programs in Houston in the EVENINGS? How long they are? How much? Are they fast paced or easily obtainable as long as you study? Financing available with most of these? Thanks
  15. texasboi

    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    Congrats to everyone getting accepted into the programs. Anyone know of any evening programs in Houston, Texas available? How long and how much they are?
  16. texasboi

    Seeking CNA earn while you learn....kind of.

    does anyone know of anyplace that pays and trains you to become a cna in Dallas, Houston or Austin? I am currently in school in oklahoma for LPN but the course is accelerated and if I get dropped one level and kicked out, I want to get a back up plan to become a cna, get paid while I work and train and then go to lpn or rn school in a college instead of a 9 mth accelerated program