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  1. MiamiLPNstudent

    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    Yes I am @ the Miami Lakes satellite campus. How are you liking the program so far?
  2. MiamiLPNstudent

    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    Congrats!! I am currently at the same keiser campus finishing up my first semester in the PN program. It is an awesome program and we have some great instructors! Welcome to Keiser and nursing!!
  3. MiamiLPNstudent

    How to take Lpn's classes in High School?

    Try Miami Lakes Education Center or Robert Morgan Education center. They are both high & adult schools. Miami-Dade County Public Schools Under the school information tab you can click on the names of the schools and get more information. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. MiamiLPNstudent

    Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

    (In my most sarcastic tone)...Yes I know that you single handedly pay me salary, that explains why I am living just above the poverty level!
  5. MiamiLPNstudent

    Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

    This one is for the pt in the SA treatment center: To the court ordered pregnant pill-popping, alcoholic crackhead: PLEASE stop drinking the hand sanitizer, perfume, hair spray, and vanilla extract. It's just nasty!! I will NOT call your boyfriend/baby daddy/dealer/pimp to bring you "something" for your headache, yes you are restricted to Tylenol. You will NOT get your fix on my shift. I have also alerted law enforcement, so if your SO even breathes in this direction, he will be arrested!! Your tears and crying about me during your one 10 min phone call this week will not change my mind. You only have 5 minutes left, use it wisely. Your baby isn't moving because she is drunk & high!! Please do not spend your $$ on anything for this baby, because the state will be taking her from you immediately after they cut the cord! No getting high on your 1 day pass will NOT help you get you 8 kids back. Your parental rights have already been terminated!! Since you have decided to use during your entire pregnancy with NO prenatal care and are now extremely high risk in my facility, I now have to call 911 everytime you have abd pain and look @ your firecrotch to make sure you're not crowning! (I would really like to not throw up in my mouth several times weekly) Please wash your snatch daily since you know that I will be looking in there regularly since you want to keep showing signs of preterm labor. GET YOUR TUBES TIED!!!!!!!! You have set the popluation of our county to an all new high!! It was probably not a good idea to try and snort laundry detergent. Yeah...feel the burn!! I'll stop @ ten.
  6. MiamiLPNstudent

    Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

    Sorry. I try not to let my mom loose on too many people!! :dzed:
  7. MiamiLPNstudent

    Concorde vs. American Career College

    I think it is the school. I went to the Concorde campus in Miramar, FL to enquire about the ADN program. I was ready to apply and do what I needed to start in the next class term. The counselor I met with tells me that because I dont have any medical experience I should do the MA or PCT program first, then maybe if I am good enough I can do the ADN program. He volunteered all the the info about the MA & PCT programs. I had to press him for info about the ADN program. I felt like he was trying to force me into a program that I am clearly not interested in. He even took me to financial aid and told the lady to run the numbers for the PCT program. I wound up leaving completely frustrated and aggravated. I have already been accepted into an LPN program that starts June 1, but I saw their ADN program is 15 months and I can be an RN with only 3 months more schooling. I'll stick with Keiser where I had no problems, and they have a high NCLEX pass rate!
  8. MiamiLPNstudent

    Concorde in Miramar FL RN-Program

    I went and checked out Concorde in Miramar today. they have an ADN program. I speficially state that I am interested in the nursing program. He proceeds to try and convince me to go into the PCT or MA program first then "try" and get into the ADN program. I had previously spoken to him on the phone and expressed my desire for the ADN program. He even went so far to take me on a tour of the building pointing out the PCT classes and labs. I don't think he should try and steer me in another direction if that is not the program that I am interested in. I have already been accepted into an LPN program at another school but Concorde's ADN program is only 3 months longer. I already have a BS in another field and some of my credits will transfer. I am trying to decide if I should even bother with the school or maybe try to meet with another counselor. Any suggestions?
  9. MiamiLPNstudent

    ***CLASS OF 2011***

    I begin my LPN program on June 1 and will be a 2011 grad!
  10. MiamiLPNstudent

    First Day of Clinicals

    your story was really entertaining! i am looking forward to my first day of clinicals!
  11. MiamiLPNstudent

    keiser college

    I agree with FutureNurseVal. Deciding on a school is a decision that you have to make for yourself. I understand seeking info from others but please do your own research. Check the status of their accreditation, graduation rate, and NCLEX pass rate. I have chosen to apply to Keiser because after all of my research they offered exactly what I was looking for. Just my Which Keiser campus are you at?
  12. MiamiLPNstudent

    Help please!! TEAS TEST.

    I recommend the TEAS study guide from ATI. You can rent it from http://www.chegg.com. Depending on the length of time you rent it for the price is really cheap and you can get a full refund of your rental price if you return the book within 30 days.
  13. MiamiLPNstudent

    Using layoff to my advantage...Nursing School here I come!

    I checked out a few (Miami Lakes Tech, McFatter Tech, Miami Dade College, Concorde, Dade Medical College, and ultimately decided on Keiser.
  14. MiamiLPNstudent

    Using layoff to my advantage...Nursing School here I come!

    I am completely relate. I am/was a Special Education teacher and after moving back to FL, I have not been able to find a full time teaching job. I have been looking for over a year. I have had to sub (sporadically) to help my hubby make ends meet. My hubby is also a teacher, but hasn't been given a continuing contract. Each year is like a wait and see for a new contract for him. I have decided to finally do what I always wanted to do...become a nurse. I am tired of waiting for a school to call or calling schools looking for work. I'm over it. I have my interview with the DN on 4/22 and hopefully will begin June 1 or Sept 27.
  15. MiamiLPNstudent

    Black Hairstyles

    I am so happy to read all of the positive comments about natural hair!! My hair is locked and is about shoulder length. I was concerned about how I may be percieved when I interview. I am in the midst of a career change and haven't had to present myself for a new job since I before I began locking my hair 2 years ago. I was actually considering cutting them off and going back to a perm. I have been playing with different hair styles and now feel more comfortable and confident about wearing my locks and beginning a new career.
  16. I am looking for current students/recent graduates of Keiser Career College LPN program. I have my interview with the Director of Nursing on 4/22 and would like to know what to expect. Any advice? What type of questions are asked? Also, what type of nursing supplies should I expect to have to purchase for school? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks.