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Any other nurses out there completely annoyed and possibly become a little nauseated at the thought of those self righteous posts on social media?

Like the one where someone ask, "How much do you make?" To which the nurse in question says "HOW MUCH DO I MAKE?", then proceeds to off on a tangent about all the things he/she essentially does for the sick and ill.

Seriously. Idk how anyone can be a nurse and repost that sort of stuff on their social media.

Trust me, I appreciate myself and other nurses. I value what we do.

The self righteous just makes my skin crawl.

Rant over. Y'all have a good day now :)

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Yes, I've seen that post many times and I hate it.

My "favorite" ones are the ones where they're like "What are YOU doing with your life? Well I'm an ED nurse and blahblahblah..."

It's so condescending it's infuriating. I get that folks are proud of their career choice, and rightly-so; it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a nurse, but still... that doesn't mean that those who didn't become a nurse are wasting their lives, or have inferior careers <_>.

Emergent has a great thread up about "Just because we work hard, doesn't mean that we are angels" or somesuch, and this thread reminded me of that lol. I'm all for being proud, but some truly do believe that they are "angels" and want everyone to know it... lol

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