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Seeking career suggestions.

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When I started nursing school...no one wanted to be a nurse more than me. I lived it, breathed it. I felt I had the right level of expectations and so far, they career has been pretty much what I thought it would be. I have great management and good co-workers.

So what I don't understand...is why I am not happy at my job.

When you only have about a year of experience under your belt, an ADN and an advanced degree is a few years away...it doesn't leave you with a lot of options as far as something else to do. I can't financially afford the paycut of leaving the hospital...I have looked at other positions but they all require something that I don't have...experience.

I'm trying to learn to live with what I have been given for now...but this is a second career for me...I miss being excited about going to work everyday...looking forward to being there.

Any suggestions would be appreciated..is there other things that I haven't considered.


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maybe you could put in for a different floor in the hospital. I am not sure if you are just not happy with being a nurse or you just don't like the nursing you are doing in the position that you hold within your hospital. You have a year experience so you do have nursing experience. You could try being a school nurse or something. the field is so diverse. good luck

I'm going back to school for my second career as an RN. If it's everything you thought it would be, what's the problem? I'm just curious because I don't want to run into the same problem.


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I think it's ok to search around until you find the right fit. Sometimes I find myself asking myself "am I ever going to be happy with a job"?! I was an LPN for a few years and now an RN for a year and a half. I don't think it's out of the ordinary to experiment with new jobs and positions until you find your niche. Good luck to all of us :)

you are employed which is fantastic, so long as you provide safe and competent pt care I would think hard of bailing a job for which innumerable new grads with no prospects would kill each other for. Its a rough economy out there, I might weather the storm at your current job (again so long as the pts are taken care of).


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What is it that you are unhappy about, knowing might help to give advice.


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nursing is so extensive.....you are not bound to anything... just try, go and do...

be happy


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