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I use to be a traveling nurse, and am considering traveling nursing again. What companies or agencies would you recommend I go with, or NOT go with?

I'm tired of not being able to own my career of nursing like I use to, so that's why I'm wanting to set my own hours, schedule, pay, days on and off........ya'll know how nice it is as a travel nurse, so I don't need to pump it up for ya. :D

Nursefinders sent me something about travel in CA where I already have a license to work. I traveled there before as a travel nurse, and love CA.

InterimTravel sent me something, too, but I read somewhere that a nurse didn't get paid by them, etc., so don't know if I should trust them to find me work.

All advice appreciated. :nurse:

bagladyrn, RN

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Have you been over to delphiforums Travel Nurses and Therapists lately? I've seen lots of companies posting in CA. I do know my company - Cross Country TravCorps has lots of listing in CA (and other areas). They've been a really good company for me for 7 years now, though I know others find them less than a good fit. Good luck with your search!

bellehill, RN

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I have been with Cross Country for over a year and have had no problems. Try delphiforums like bagladyrn said, it is a very helpful site. Good luck with your travels!

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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Here is a link to a site where nurses have posted their reviews of traveling nurse agencies:

live4today, RN

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Thanks good people for the information! I will definitely check out those sites as I am very serious about traveling again, especially to California.

I've already had agencies and recruiters emailing me, calling me, and sending me things to look over already. I don't remember the names of those companies, so wanted to come here and ask nurses I can trust who are already traveling to share their experiences with companies with me.

Thanks again! :)

bagladyrn, RN

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What states or areas are you considering? Just CA or others? If others, there are lots of openings now in AZ (and it's an easy state for reciprocity license), lots in FL (but getting the lic. there can take ages!).

Good luck and let us know how the search goes.

Working as a traveler makes it SO much better in terms of the "nonsense" you have to put up with - I don't know if I would ever consider going back to staff!


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Call NursesRx and ask for John Todaro. He's been my recruiter for almost a year now. A good working relationship with your recruiter is crucial. I'm very impressed with John. Good luck!


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I have been with RN Network over 2 and 1/2 years, same recruiter. I have been VERY happy.

Give my recruiter a call (Kelly D'Angelo 888-291-9580) and see what she says!

There are so many companies out there; find one that "fits" you!

Good luck!


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The following website is great for info on companies, what to expect, interview forms for hospitals and travel companies, and much more:

I'm a first time traveler and I found it very useful. Hopes this helps!

live4today, RN

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:kiss Thanks everyone! I'm receiving emails from many companies thus far, so thanks for the input here. I'll let you know how it goes! :)

I'm hoping to land an assignment before I leave my current job which is one month away! :D

CA would be nice! Colorado also has openings, and I'm licensed there, too. I've thought about VA as I'm licensed there too, and love the VA Beach area. NC would be an option too since I'm licensed there too. I have many choices since I have quite a few licenses from having moved about so much in the past 13 yrs.

Nighty night, and thanks again nurses!

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