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SEC assessment IEN nova scotia help

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im scheduled to take SEC assessment this month. im confused on what to expect. any advice? need help. been studying for 2 months now and i dont know what to expect. thanks..

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There are a few threads discussing SEC but I think this is the first time i have seen anyone ask about NS. I do know NS has been requiring some form of assessment for some of the IEN's for a couple of years but it varies on who have been asked to do it. They just want to ensure that your skills are similar or up to par with nurses that trained over here


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my wife and i are both nurses but she was not asked to take an assessment. she was already eligible and shes an RN now here. me on the other hand need to take 2 day comprehensive assessment. they have another body that does the assessment not the college.

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

rules change all the time and I know of a few nurses from the UK that was required to take the assessment. Yes another body does the assessment however they will be working to requirements set down by the provincial college of RN's

Good luck

I am also very confused, I have been asked to do the competency assessment and I am so scared not knowing what to focus on. I would appreciate hearing others experience especially if you had to travel there and not knowing where you are going. What did you do? and where did you stay? How was it? I will be giong in Late Feburary....... I feel lost already

Hi Benz2222

Can you please tell me how your assessment went. I am soooo worried. Hope you are settled in by now. I have to take the two days comprehensive assessment too. How long is the question ans answer section?what kind of scenario is given in the "role play" clinical part

I think that is the OSCE

I just want to know what to expect

I am Looking Forward for your response

Thank you

Hi guys!

Any news or update on SEC in NS? I'll be taking mine this 23rd-25th, a 3-day assessment exam for me. I'm so worried and nervous and all those giddy feelings! Haven't reviewed so much as they say it is not a pass or fail, but still, I should have reviewed more. Got ample idea what's gonna happen on the exam day, i mean the flow of events but nothing of course regarding the topic. I'm a novice nurse and I came from Saudi, the land of the living dead. Oh well, hope to post a positive result here after 20days I guess, hope it's an eligibility for me as a result! Cross fingers! Wish me luck guys! I need all the luck in the world!

Btw, I'll be staying in a hostel in downtown, so I'll be updating if I got a good deal as it's 31$ per night, the cheapest I can get! :D And after the exam, I might be eating a lot of lobster as they say lobsters in NS are good and cheap, plus I'm gonna try their DONAIR! :w00t:

Okay, updates later!

Hey Ainex

I did mine three months I was very scared but the instructor is so nice you will feel relaxed, just go and do your best and if gaps are identified you will be asked to do remedial courses. I have to do three but it is better to do it and get it over with and feel more confident than to make errors. Good luck hope to hear some positive news later

Hello fellow mates

Could anybody please share their actual experience of SEC..? I will be taking mine shortly (in a matter of few months). As soon as Im done I will post my experience and the topics that one has to cover. It would be of great help to me and others who would be taking the exams in the same time line as mine, if anybody could talk about their recent SEC assessment experience.

Thanks in advance

hi is it possible to ask your email add , wanna ask some question regarding the SECA m going to take skills test in 2 weeks time. thank you very much

or can you tell me how thE SECA goes, the setting what are the particulars the assessor looking for. Im a bit lost now, very confused and anxoius on what to focus on . please need your help

thank you so much God bless!

@krizya, what have you used to help prepare for the SEC so far? Did you do the self assessment readiness tool (SART)? It's an online tool with questionaires that help internationally educated health care professionals compare their own knowledge, skills and abilities against those required to practice in Canada. It's available on atlanticcanadahealthcare com. The SART for registered nurses, has six parts,

Part 1- Registered Nurses in Canada

Part 2- Professional Responsibilities of RNs

Part 3- Assessment and Registration Processes

Part 4- Living and Working in Canada

Part 5- Clinical Scenarios

Part 6- Competency Assessment

@kryza are you applying to become licensed as a LPN or RN in Nova Scotia?

I'm applying LPN

Have you reviewed the LPN competency profile on CLPNNS? It's a 300+ page document that can be downloaded from clpnns.ca

I'm Hoping to get some tips on skills assessment scenarios.

I'm Hoping to get some tips on skills assessment scenarios.

The Canadian nursing regulatory bodies all have some type of competency assessment for IENS and some examples of Canadian nursing scenarios can be found through their competency assessment resources, look for the following:

BC's nursing community assessment service's ncasbc.ca-how to prepare resources- general-simulation-hand washing- nursing charts

CARNA-professional resources case studies, 10 videos on What nursing is like in Canada topics include Discharge Teaching, Culturally Sensitive Issues, Inter-professional Team, Communicating, Patient Refusal of Care, Total Assessment, Code, Advocating for Patient Rights, Reporting Errors.

Saskpolytech IEN SEC assessment clinical judgement self assessment six scenarios.

Thank you very much!