is this score ok?


i just took test 7 in kaplan.. and got 64% ... i need to review the rationale .. but i took it in 3 hours and i am exhautsed... my big day 7/17. eeeek i'm nervous

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I hope to have a score that good when I do mine! I plan on taking test 6 on Saturday and test 7 on Sunday.....(I have to work each day until the weekend). I test 7/18....the final week...hard to believe that someday this whole thing will be a memory!

I think 64% is'll be fine!


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thank you jess !! i reviewed my answers and made such stupid mistakes..ugh.. i am so happy this will be over soon. you take yours 7/18?.. i take mine 7/17... i hope we all pass.. on 6 i got 63.5% .. let me know how you do. i work fri sat and sunday 7a to 7p so i have to study as much as i can this week and 1/2 day on monday.. and pray the other 1/2... We can do it

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