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Before you get all weird on me, I mean stethoscope, not anything to probe yer rears ;)

I will be starting clinical in the fall and I don't want to struggle trying to find a 90yr old's pulse.

I hear the littman cardiology scopes are good.

Any recommendations?



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I have no problem hearing an elderly, weak, thready, irregular pulse with a Littman Lightweight (~$30 online.) It's the abnormal breath sounds that I have trouble with. I have a cheap $15 sprague rappaport for infants and peds, and even that works well. I'm not buying a better one until I graduate. I wouldn't spend the money until I was entering a specialty that required something like that.

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I have a Littman II S.E. - works great, but I think that I'd have bought a cardio to begin with if I could go back and do it over. I also hear good things about the ultrascopes - I plan on getting one, eventually. :)


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Thanks Manna, you rock!

Thanks fraggle.

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No prob.

Welch Allyn also has some nice ones - but pricey!

Yes, I do so totally rock! :chuckle


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The BEST scope I have found is called a Cardiocare. I ordered it on-line when I worked rescue I prefer it to the Littman Cardio III. It looks a little different but it has a dacron shield inside it that amplifies sound and reduces outside interference, one of the cardiologist tried mine one day and ordered ten for his office. It is a great scope and only cost about 30.00. I have had mine for six years and I would not want anyother kind. I can even get breath and heart sounds on a 850 gastric bypass pt. Two of our intensivist are now using them as well.


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Love my Littman master classic II, better than my master cardiology...go figure. Maybe it just needs to be refurbished. But I bought the MCII on Ebay $55.00, not too shabby for an $70-$80ish steth. And it was brand new, not a nick on it.


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Howdy! I will be graduating in 2 weeks- yeah!!!!!!!!! Anywho I am in the market for a new stethoscope. The two that look appealing for what they have to offer are: 3m littman master classic 2 or the littman 2 se. Does anyone know about these or have any suggestions? Thanks much!

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I just bought a Littmann Cardiology III for graduation. I can hear good with it. The thing I like about it is it has one side that is pediatric and the other is adult. This is especially handy for me because I work in Peds Emergency, and one patient is an infant and the next is 17, so the dual sides is important!

I bouth mine from for $119 + shipping, which is the cheapest I have ever seen a new one.


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Adscope 603, I can hear bruits better overall than w/ my Littman Master Classic II. It is also half the price.

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