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I am here just to clarify a couple things about OCC's acceptance system. Yes, some things are changing for fall 2008 admission. There will be a gpa competitiveness, however they are still going to be going by priority 1. Which is having all pre-req's done and the date at which applicants completed them. The GPA will be considered afterwards.

It ia actually GPA first and then pre-req completion date used in a tie. The current brochure with detailed information is on the website.

Good Luck!


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Hi, it's been a while since your first post so I don't know if you still need info. I am in OU's 2nd degree pgm. It is 12 months and they run 3 programs a year. One at Macomb Comm. College, one at Oakwood hospital in Dearborn and one at Conner Creek in Detroit. (you have to live withing 20 miles of Oakwood hospital to take that program). The 2nd degree is for people who already have another bachelors. It is intense, a lot of work and fast. I don't think it is harder academic wise than any other 4 yr nursing pgm. But since you do it in 1 yr everything is sort of on a fast track. There is lots of reading, studying, papers, care maps, etc so you have to be willing to work at it. That said, it is great to be getting a BSN in only 12 months. You will go continuously every month once you start. I started in May and have been going through the entire summer. But I will be done in 1 yr. It works for me. Clinicals can be in the evenings and on weekends. So far all of ours have been during the day (this is our 1st semester) but they said the last class had some on the weekends. Which actually I think I would prefer. Right now they run a rolling pgm. The only school I know of that does that. There are other 2nd degree pgms - U of M, U of D Mercy, Wayne State, Mich State, Eastern are the ones I know of that have the 2nd degree pgms. There may be others. It seems to be pretty popular to do them nowadays. The thing I liked about OU's is that if you don't get in one pgm you are in the next one, which is only 4-8 months away. You can apply at anytime but you need to be done with your pre-reqs 4 months before you start the pgm. So, for the May session , I had to be done with my pre-reqs by the prior Dec. I then took patho, pharm and nutrition the winter semester at OU - all online. If schools don't have a rolling pgm, you need to reapply and hope you get in the next year. I didn't want to wait around hoping I would get in the next time. PM me if you want to know more. I think it is a great pgm.


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I am too going to Macomb, they don't have a waitlist. I just need good grades in my next to classes, and to do well on the Hesi *prays*


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What is the GPA that OCC is looking for. Also do the entrance exam play a large factor. If so how?

What is the GPA that OCC is looking for. Also do the entrance exam play a large factor. If so how?

2008 is the first year that OCC will admit students based on GPA so it's hard to say. It would greatly depend on the GPA of the applicant pool. Because it's so competitive to get into most nursing schools, one can assume that you would need to be in the mid 3 point range on your pre-reqs to be competitive.

Also, it is mandatory to pass their math entrance test in order to apply for their program. You only have 3 chances to pass or else you are permanently ineligable. The test is fairly easy however I would recommend you take a couple of practice test to brush up on math that may not have been used for a long time.

Hope this helps;)

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