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does your school have a written policy on affairs?

I'm not an educator . I am a director of student services who has been given a problem. I have a student who has had a relationship with the administrator. She now complains that he had undue influence on her position in the program and she felt pressure from him (they lived togethr for awhile). The head of the school tells me that I can not regulate what he does after school hours (I wanted to make a requirement, no contact with students outside class) as this is his private time and of course all the statements, emails and text messages he sent to her he says are after school hours.

This no policy about private after school time seems wrong. Does your school have a written policy on contact between, administration, teacher and student? I'm begining to feel like my school is behind a half century in sexual hassasment rules. Thanks

psalm, RN

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I would think this would be found under "professional behavior" if it isn't spelled out somewhere in the employee handbook.

If their affair was before she was a student would that be different from if it was during her student days? Just something else to think about.

But an affair with anyone anytime is not a good thing, and something should be in writing to protect both parties from repercussions. Good luck.

I agree, "professional behavior" applies here. Your school should have already adopted a written policy spelling out expectations for those who can't figure it out for themselves. If you are required to get involved with this situation, suggest that you consult the school's legal counsel. The school has gone out on a limb with this and legal counsel should get them back on track.

nursebrandie28, BSN, RN

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Personally, I do not see what the problem is. I do not have any interest in my students as friends (beyond school) or anything else. However, college students are over 18 and they have free will like everybody else.

If he hasn't been doing during school hours, making out with her in the hall way, I do not see the problem!!

Brandie... (just my opinion)

The problem is that the student is now starting to complain about sexual harassment. If the instructor has maintained professionalism, there would be no behavior to complain about.

nursebrandie28, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care/Teaching.

I understand that the student has complained of sexual harrassment, however, if the events did not happen at school, she needs to fill out a police a report. It has nothing to do with the college, it is between him and her.

I understand everybody's view on this, I am just giving my opinion.


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The issue is not only one of "consent," or "age of consent."

A professor/student relationship is built on a power imbalance that is not tenable.

There are very good reasons for limiting contact between teachers and students. Too many subtexts and agendas.

federal law re: sexual harassment may apply here.

it certainly is a part of our school policy.

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