Who buys Supplies??!

  1. There are sooooo many supplies that seem essential in a health room, but are they all supplied by the school? Do you have a choice what to order from? Is there a budget? Like with the thermometer post... Could a nice, quick reading thermometer be purchased?

    Just curious
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  3. by   Flare
    I get a budget each year and am responsible for making a list of what I deem will be purchased by my budget. I usually order out of School health, Moore medical and macgill for medical supplies and school specialty or staples for office supplies. After I make my list, one of the secretaries actually places the order. Seldom have I ever been challenged when ordering supplies as to why i need a particular item.
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    My district stocks items in the warehouse and I have an annual budget to order supplies from the warehouse. We are only supposed to use "approved" items from the district suppliers.
  5. by   Sl1011
    Can you give an example of what items you usually get?
  6. by   Flare
    mostly things like bandaids, plastic baggies for ice packs, disposable ice packs for go bag, contact solution, a few new blankets, gauze, bactine, mouthwash, etc...

    if you'd like, pm me your email and i'll send you my order list for this school year. tried to just attach it, but it's excel and wasn't supported.
  7. by   fireball98
    I have $300 a year budget for my grade school of 520 kids. I came in last year as the first RN the school has had. The school did not have a bp cuff, cpr mask and a lot of other essential items. I had to bring in a lot of my own items. The biggest problem for me last year was bags for ice. I don't have a freezer in my room so I have to get ice from the caffeteria. I finally bought a $89.00 roll of ice bags this year and I am so excited! Last week I had to order disposable underware to have for the kids who wet their pants. This year I had a nebulizer donated so that has been wonderfull to have. I use School Nurse Supply INC. If anyone needs a list of what I order I would love to pass it on to you.
  8. by   ColleenJune
    In the past the school has supplied everything, but this year with budget cuts I have had to supply my own thermometer and bp cuff. I had them at home anyway, so it was no big deal. There was also no money in the budget for underwear for accidents, but I mentioned that to the president of the PTA and got a Wal-Mart gift certificate to use for that the next day.
  9. by   geocachingRN
    Really good idea, ColleenJune. I'm going to look into this myself.
  10. by   AdobeRN
    I have a budget - around $1400 for the year, I'm in an elementary school k-5 with 860 students. Nobody questions my orders - I can order what I want. I use School Health, Macgill or Moore. I spend every cent of it every year otherwise I will lose it or it will be decreased for the next year.

    I also don't turn away "donations" sometimes I have parents that ask if I need anything for the clinic - I have learned not to be modest PTA usually comes around once a year and asks me what I need & what I want for the clinic. When nurses week rolls around the teachers send home notes for the class with requests for bandaids, kleenex, wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, cotton balls, gauze etc.

    My clinic stays pretty well stocked.
  11. by   Dimple58
    Our Nurse Supervisor orders what she wants and we 7 RNs and 8 NAs have a little say in the matter. Usually if it costs just under $40 dollars or so and we can justify needing it we may get it in a couple of weeks. Basic stuff like bandaids, etc. is stocked at the high school and we can fill out a form and get what we need, leaving enough for others. I wish I could be in charge of my own budget for my school. She won't let us know what the limit or budget is, it's not revealed to us. I can think of a few things I would get if I have the authority to get it. Also I have brought a few things with my own money while waiting approval for needful items.