When do you get out !

  1. Hey School Nurses,

    When do you get out for the summer and what are your plans ?:spin:
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  3. by   zenman
    I get out June 8th and will travel to Malaysia, then on to Hawaii, then to Austin, TX to eat at my favorite restaurants and visit family and friends, then to Park City, Utah for two weeks of shaman classes, then on to Dunderry, Ireland for another week of shaman training and back home to Dhaka August 15th. I think that's all.
  4. by   GreenWitch
    I get out the third week of May
    I plan on hitting the road with my son for some adventure!
  5. by   fantasie
    June 8th here. My kids wrestle in Regional and National Tournaments associated with USA Wrestling, and my husband and I are officials with them, so we will be doing what we do every "vacation" going to wrestling tournaments, namely Klammath Falls, OR and Fargo, ND. Good thing we all enjoy wrestling so much.
  6. by   olol765
    ... I wish I was a school nurse...
  7. by   Tooka
    you know, when i thought about doing school nursing, summer vacation never crossed my mind. hmmmm.
  8. by   Dimple58
    We get out May 30! I had a student make a countdown calendar to hang on my wall. Can't wait but can wait. It's too close now! Going to Michigan, Las Vegas, resorts, building new house, grilling, chilling, living! Swimming, mending! Planting, chanting (lol) I have rhyme fever the closer we get to our Summer Break! I am still contemplating a part-time home telephone job. Anyone working at all? Give me some ideas, I thought about home health but most only want to offer me oasis and I am afraid to be tied down to mounds of paperwork. Hosp. more afraid to enter that stress arena. Might just do nothing.