This year I've learned...

  1. Yes, I am avoiding work by goofing off on Allnurses! But I thought it would be fun to see how many responses we can gather. Remember this is my first year as a school nurse, so I may have learned things that you already know.

    1. If a kinder looks at you in the eye and says "I'm going to throw up", believe her!

    2. Occassionally, frequent flyers get sick too.

    3. Parents will say anything to get you off the phone when you want to know why they haven't followed up on hearing/vision/spinal referals.

    4. You can't save everybody.

    5. Program Child Protective into your speed dial/cell phone. (Also, call CPS on your way home from work, it give you something to do)

    6. "Some kid" must be related to "some dude" or "some guy" somehow! I think it's his little brother.

    ok, I've had my turn. Let me know what you've learned!
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    1. sometimes a little tlc goes a long way.
    teacher's will try to con you many times......beware !
    3. you might think your administration is backing you up....but often they shrink at controversy.
    4. most parents are doing the best they can....even though you might disagree.
    5. all kids deserve a good school nurse.
    6. a wet paper towel will cure all ill's. !
    7. have a 5th grader with a sore throat ?? a salt water gargle will insure that they won't return !
    8. our students need our prayers daily.
    9. all students do not have the ideal homelife.....sometimes i just "give 'em a break".
    10. document everything ! you never know when you might be called into court.
    11. the longer you school nurse...the quicker the year fly's by.
    12. make the job "your own" . you are a professional. you are the only medical person in your building. command respect.
    13. picture day, field trip days, party day's and last day's of school are the least health room frequented days of the year.
    14. learn to love this job. it sure beats 12 hr days, working weekends and working holidays !
    15. you will love following the students from an early age to graduation. they will remember you.
    16. some students and parents you will love to forget !!

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  4. by   SchoolNurseBSN
    1. You can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time!
    2. Every school does deserve a school nurse!!!
    3. Staff will not understand or respect your role! Therefore, it is up to you to educate them.
    4. Be professional even when others are not.
    5. Life is good when you only work 185 days a year.
  5. by   valeriecathleen
    I am a sub for three districts and this year I have learned:

    1. When you call a parent to tell them that their child has been to the office twice this morning and the parent asks to speak to the child, make sure you put the correct child on the phone. (Do NOT ask......).

    2. The phone will not ring all year long but once the nurses realize that they have 3 "Use It or Lose It" personal days left, you will be the most popular girl in town for May and June!

    3. Lock up the Vaseline in middle school or every single doorknob and toilet seat in the building will have a coating of it.

    4. When a defiant 12 year old tells you that you did not take his temperature correctly because he does not have a fever and he KNOWS he does, assure him that rectal temps are the most accurate method and you would be happy to re-take his temperature. You will not see him for the rest of the day.

    5. When they walk by the office in the morning on their way to class and you hear whispers of "Where is Mrs Regular Nurse? It must be a Substitute!!", you know the word will spread like wildfire and you will see twice as many students as Mrs Regular Nurse does on her busiest days!

    6. Adult diabetics should take lessons from kid diabetics.

    7. At the end of the year, all the unclaimed clothes in Lost and Found can be put to good use to stock the Nurses Office the next year for accidents, wet pants, messy art projects and spilled milk.

    8. School nursing allows me to use my favorite parts of myself - the nurse part, the creative part and the Mom part.

    9. School nurses are committed to their kids and if you work for one who truly loves her job, her school and leaves you with excellent care plans, you will enjoy the day SO much more than you would at your other job!

    10. I desperately want a full time position as a school nurse!
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    things i've learned as a health assistance working in the hr:
    1) pray for the children daily you never know what emergencies will emerge
    2) when ever their is a blister oozing send them to the doc right away... it could be shingles ! ( true story, and i did exclude him)
    3) be an advocate for the students at all times even when you have to stand toe to toe with a 5th grader's dad who is in the military and 6 foot 5. ( true story)
    4) don't be surprised if a student is sent home with out your knowledge due to sneaky teachers
    5) when teacher expects abuse due to red marks on the childs neck remember to keep an alcohol swab by because it just may be red lipstick !
    6) i could go on and on but my honey is waiting for me to make his dinner plate so i'll share more later !