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  2. I was in the second grade the Autumn of 1964 when I made my only grade school visit to the Nurse.

    I had been on the playground and hurried up the steps to the slide when the mud on my new engineer boots that my Dad had gotten me caused me to slip and bust my chin open.

    The Nurse called my Mom and she took me to the Doctor and I got seven stiches!

    Please post this Safety Reminder where you believe it will do the most good so some other child avoids a similar situation. I do not want happened to me to happen to any other child!

    Thank you.
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  4. by   Davey Do
    You know, I got to looking at that picture and thought something just wasn't quite right. My mind went back to 1964 and I remembered that the ladder to the slide platform was more vertical!


    I apologize for any inconvenience.
  5. by   Amethya
    Ouch, Poor little Do. I gotten injuries like this before, I think one last year, my little friend slipped on one the bars on the playground and split his chin open on the step. It was pretty bad and he bled badly. Thankfully I got the bleeding under control, bandaged him up and I called his mother and she came and got him quickly.

    He got, I think 5 stitches and I had to help clean his dressing at school, but once it was healed, he had a nice scar. He did complain about it once, but I told him that he can tell his friends that he got into a fight with a bad guy and won, and got a nice scar to prove it. He liked that idea.