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OK, teachers. I would like to clarify a few things for you. #1. I cannot cure hiccups. Why are you sending the student to me? Ditto for a cut that happened a week ago at home, a sunburn from a... Read More

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    Quote from SchoolNurseTXstyle
    One day, I would just like to fall on the floor and fake being passed out. What would they all do? OMG, call the nurse......oh, no that IS the nurse! Nurse, wake up, wake up! There is a kid here that needs emergency flip flop surgery!
    A similar thought has crossed my mind so many times especially when I;ve worked through lunch, gotten a but hypoglycemic myself - i've thought, if i passed out due to low blood sugar, they would probably have no idea what to do and would just stand there shouting my name saying that someone nees an ice pack for their 3 day old bump.