Missing mandated exams

  1. I forget if I posted this last year or not but it sucks up so much of my time. I'm sure this varies by state but our state requires a Physical exam upon entry to school (so kdg/1st grade) as well as a dental exam. Then again proof of another dental exam in 3rd grade. And of course there is another physical required in middle school and further dental exams etc (but I'm elementary).

    Anyway everyone is given the option to have these exams done for free by the school dentist/physician OR taking their child to their own dentist physician to get the required forms completed. Yet so many refuse to get it done--I call, send letters home etc and they just completely ignore them. I talked to my High School nurse to ask what she does and they keep the kids for detention if after repeat attempts to obtain the required forms they still fail to bring them in. Of course we dont want to go that route in elementary school because they are so young and we dont want to punish the kids.

    Does your school have a policy in effect for when parents are not returning the mandatory forms?
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  3. by   kidzcare
    Per state law, we exclude if the kids do not turn in a physical or updated immunizations (or waiver, if applicable). At 6th grade and 9th (physical required by state) they cannot pick up their schedule until the documents are handed in.

    We do not exclude for missing dental or vision exams.
  4. by   SaltineQueen
    The only requirement we have is vaccines. We will threaten exclusion occasionally, and so far it's been an effective way to get things taken care of. But we use that as a last resort, if a parent has been particularly difficult & isn't working with us. I think I'm about to that point with a couple of my kiddos.

    Why should the high school kids be punished, though? It's not their fault that their parents aren't getting them done.
  5. by   Csn2016
    I asked the nurse that and she said because she feels at that age they are responsible enough to keep enforcing to their parents they need to get these forms completed? I dont know I just know it definitely isn't fair to 'punish' the younger kids that way...and maybe just more so the 'threat' of detention takes care of it?
    Its just so aggravating in general...
  6. by   jess11RN
    I understand your stress!!! Our state, we have to excludes those that don't turn in their physical and immunization reports by a certain date. I send home a letter at the end of the previous school year, send home monthly letters starting in August, make robo calls, personal calls, admin even calls the week prior. I even have a free clinic come in at the beginning of the school year. Still I get a large amount of parents that either choose to wait until the last minute or want to try to call our bluff. Regardless, it's super frustrating!