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Hi, I was interested in becoming a school nurse but I was wondering if you had to be an RN to apply for the job. If you can be an LPN what is the process for applying?... Read More

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    i'm a "school nurse" & i'm a lvn they just barely started hiring lvn....but we work closely with the rn's....we arent allow to call ourself school nurse we have to introduce ourself as lvn
    Great for you. Hope you enjoy the job. It's a shame they can't call you what you are....A NURSE ! You have a wonderful career !
  2. by   SkoolNurseJD
    it's funny how i just log in earlier today saying i cant call myself a "school nurse" but as a LVN but now i just got a letter saying we cant even say I'm a LVN...Now I have to say i'm health care support providerII...What the heck is that?....My title just totally change...In a way i'm totally piss of I didnt work my butt off at school just to be call a health care provider I earn those initals back of my name....sorry i just needed to vent it out thanks
  3. by   mamajama
    in east texas you can be a lpn. i've done it for 14 years now. i love it!
  4. by   txspadequeenRN
    Not so , my city has LVN's in every school, but the high school has a RN (ADN). I am in North Johnson County. I will also add that my good friend's mother is a RN she works at one of the high school in Ft Worth there are LVN's that work with her and there is also a LVN working at the elem where my daughter went (West Ft worth). There was also a add in the paper during the summer for a LVN school nurse for the Rio Vista district.

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    I'm not sure where the original poster is from, but in North Texas also, you have to be BSN. I've never understood why.
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    In UT, a BSN is preferred in the school district that I work in, but they will hire an ADN with 2 years of nursing experience. I just started as a school nurse and I love it. I will be finishing an RN-BSN program in Dec. :mortarboard:
  6. by   Ebon510
    Hello Mamajama,
    I saw your response to being a school nurse. I enjoy it too. I have been a school nurse since 2000. Sometimes I tell myself that I will quit and find another job. But each year I return for another school year. I love the hours and the summers off. I'm not on the site too much. I'm doing the Excelsior RN program. I've been an LPN since 1982. What are some of your challenges as being a school nurse? How many schools do you serve? What is your student to nurse ratio? Are you a member of NASN?
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  7. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    I have worked as an RN over four years in ICU the entire time, also did two years in an Operating Room once a week for a Cosmetic Surgery Center and I was the D.O.N. there. But quit when my classes were held the same night as surgery days.
    I have applied for a School Health Nurse Position in two counties in the state of MD. I am an RN (associate degree and bachelors degree) and now working on a Master's Degree. One county it is an elementary school FT position and the other county will have me go to an elementary school, middle school, and high school and then place me in one part time. All you school nurses/LPNsLVNs/Health Aides, which do you like best and why? Any stories on school nursing would be great. I think I would enjoy it. I really want away from the hospital and bedside nursing. I love the ICU, but it wears down on the mind and body after awhile. Seeing people pass away is so sad. And I have memories of all that, great ones, but sad. I want something different. I know the pay is probably way lower than what I am use too. What is the average pay in School Health Nursing? I look forward to your responses!!!!
  8. by   Nurse_Kat
    I've been in both situations...I myself prefer being stationary. I currently work between two schools. I work at an elementary school from 8-12, go to lunch and then head over to the middle school about 12:30 and work to 4. It dies down around 11:45 at the elementary school when the kids start going to lunch...but then I have to pick up and go to the other school. It dies down at the middle school at 3:40, and then I have to leave 20 minutes later!!! It's very hard to get any charting and care plans complete.

    At my previous place of employment I was there all day long (unless I left for my lunch)!

    I felt more like part of the "team" when I worked at the school I was previously at b/c I really got to know the teachers and administration. I participated in activities, etc...Where I am now, nobody really knows me and I don't know anyone I can't participate in activities at both schools, and don't want to chose one over the other!

    I love my job as a school nurse though! I would never want to do anything else

    Well, that's my two cents worth! Hope it's helpful
  9. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    In Maryland, the School Health Nurse Position I applied for stated you must have a BSN.