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Hi, I was interested in becoming a school nurse but I was wondering if you had to be an RN to apply for the job. If you can be an LPN what is the process for applying?... Read More

  1. by   suebird3
    thanx, bergren....i knew at least a bsn. :chuckle

  2. by   jidlr
    I work in OH and you have to have be an RN and have credits in educatin and have completed a school nurse practicum as well. You must be licensed by the state as a school nurse in addition to your state nursing license as well.
  3. by   girlfromtx
    In south Texas they mainly just hire LVN's.
  4. by   Ebon510
    I too am a LPN in Georgia. Go to the County's Board od Education and inquire of current Nursing positions. you can also go to their website. We are under Student Services. Now the pay varies from County to County. Good Luck!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Alee123
    My friend is a LPN and is a school nurse. That is in a small town in Minnesota though; I suppose it varies from state to state & from school to school. Good Luck!!!
  6. by   LanaBanana
    I just checked out Oklahoma because I'm interested in it but they also require a BSN. Guess I'm going to have to hurry up once I complete my LPN program and do that LPN-BSN program because I want those school holidays!
  7. by   Flare
    In NJ you need a BSN and state certification as a school nurse
  8. by   Ebon510
    It just goes to show the difference of State requirements. I live in Georgia and LPNs do the same as two and four year RNs. The RNs were designed to be Lead Nurses, however that fell by the wayside. RNs can take the state certification after three years experence as a school nurse. I have a BS in another field and cannot sit for the state certification. I will be able to soon.
  9. by   Justhere
    In Arkansas they have RNs, LPNs, and Health Aides.
    But in my school district which has 5 schools, and it is just one RN and I think a health aid in each school.
    Well one day my son fell off a (I'd say at least 8 ft slide, which was there when I was in 3rd grade)from the very top and landed on his stomach. He went to the nurses office, was seen by neither a health aide or a nurse, told them what happened and that his stomach hurt. Told him it would be ok (didn't check it because it was underneath his pants area) and sent him back to class. NOONE called me. This happened at lunch recess. I picked him up from daycare and on the way home he tells me he has a bruise on his stomach. I told him I'd look at it once we got home. When we got home he had a softball size bruise on his stomach which was also swollen and hard as a rock. It was 4:30 his lunch was at 11:00. I called his doctor and was told to take him to the ER because they were closing and he figured he might need x-rays if not a CT. Luckly everything was ok and they gave him an ice pack and sent him home. But what if something had ruptured or worse? I took him to the school the next day and showed the bruise to the principle, all he did was say he was sorry and that he would have the nurse notify all parents of any injuries (before that I was getting calls about splints in fingers). But I got stuck paying the $800 hospital bill because when I sent in for the $20 school insurance they have us fill out at the beginning of the year, somehow my paper work didn't get processed and he wasn't covered. They said that the school district wasn't responsible for injuries on the playground or anywhere else on school property.
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  10. by   Stephanie82
    If anyone knows where any school nurse opening is for an LPN, please give me the link to the website of the school.

    I am single and willing to relocate anywhere. Being a school nurse is my dream job!
  11. by   WDW1971
    Quote from Sanuk
    I'm not sure where the original poster is from, but in North Texas also, you have to be BSN. I've never understood why.
    I know this is kind of an old thread, but in case anyone from north TX reads this, it depends on the district. I have worked in 3 different districts over the years. Some districts will only hire nurses with a BSN. Some districts employ nurses with associates degrees. Some districts have LVN's. Some have health aides. I know of one district that has all of the above.

    A lot of districts, though, seem to be moving to only hiring BSN nurses to fill empty positions. The reason for BSN over ADN is probably that all other school district professionals (e.g. teachers, librarians, counselors) must have bachelor's degrees at the bare minimum, and school nurses here are almost always on the same level/pay-scale as other district professionals.
  12. by   ljds
    I find it frustrating that LPNs and RNs cannot be hired in our district (only BSNs, for the reasons given in support of that practice), but that since the district doesn't have enough money to staff all the schools, they hire unlicensed "health aides." Great.

    If an LPN has to be supervised, as I well understand they do, then why not have a BSN in charge of the entire program and available for BSN type duties, with full time LPN on site at the schools? At least we'd have someone with some experience and education in there!

    Four times this year I have had issues with the school "health aide". Once she got the medications mixed up and tried to give my daughter the wrong inhaler. My daughter kept insisting that it wasn't the right one (it was ANOTHER CHILD'S) and was refusing. The aide didn't give up until my dd started crying, and the secretary came in and then called me to clarify. Another time I just happened to be in the office when one of my oldest dd's friends came in for her inhaler. She was in a full-blown asthma attack, but apparently, since she had come in just an hour before to use her albuterol, the school health aide just told her to go back to class, and come in in an hour (it was ordered q2hour prn). She had audible wheezes, and her lips and nails were dusky. I was like, "Whoa, this girl is not moving much air, honey!" and had her sit in the office while I gave her her inhaler and called her mom to her come and get her. The girl went directly to the peds office, who had her then admitted directly to the hospital. Her O2 sat was in the mid 80s. The health aide was totally clueless! She would have sent her back to class in that condition!

    Two other times she has inappropriately assessed my children. Once, when my daughter fell from the top of the slide and hit something, she applied HEAT to her back. Lovely. Good think nothing was ruptured. How about some ICE? And even though she hit her head, no neuro assessment was done. And she didn't call me; I heard about it from my daugher after school. Another time my youngest had a fever, but the health aide gave her some water to drink (she, the health aide, told me this herself when I questioned her about it) while she went to find the thermometer--of course her temp was normal when she took it two minutes later, despite it in reality being over 103. Each time something like this has happened, I have complained to the school nurse and the principal. Apparently to no avail.

    I'm thinking of applying for the health aide position next year. I wonder if they would let me? At least my kids would be safe!!!
  13. by   SkoolNurseJD
    i'm a "school nurse" & i'm a lvn they just barely started hiring lvn....but we work closely with the rn's....we arent allow to call ourself school nurse we have to introduce ourself as lvn