Ice Maker Suggestions

  1. So my finance department said I can order an ice maker for next year

    Any recommendations of a brand that will last at least a year or two?
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  3. by   jlrm50
    I have a little IGLOO one and it has lasted me quite awhile. Small though.
  4. by   Glitternurse
    We also use Igloo at all of our sites as well. It is very good at keeping up with demand. We have found they last about 2 years. We had to replace 2 this year and will replace 3 next year.
  5. by   aprilmoss
    My husband insisted on a Perlick for his bar. They primarily do commercial units and he says nobody else's last.

    I don't have one in my unit. I send a runner to the cafeteria (they have a big one) when I need it.
  6. by   Amethya
    Does anyone know of a cheap ice maker? I want one for my office because my reuseable ones disappear and I don't get them back EVER.