ice maker recommendations

  1. I am thrilled that I was approved to purchase a portable ice maker for next school year!
    However, I am a little intimidated in choosing one because there are so many options with varied reviews.

    Do any of you have any recommendations based on what you use in your office? I'd like to keep the price around $150 or under.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   iggywench
    My principal bought me one this year, and it has been great. We had to go through Wal-Mart, and I chose the Newair AI100SS. I think it was around $79, and was the most inexpensive one that was made out of stainless steel, and not plastic. It does a great job of keeping up with demand. I don't run it every day, but on the days that I do, I fill up bags and throw them in the freezer as it makes enough ice.
  4. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    I had a cheaper model and it stopped working after only about 10 months of use. I just replaced it with the AICOK (model YT-E-005C) and I LOVE it. I can program it to make ice during the school day only (7 AM -3 PM). It is little more expensive - I think I paid $160ish for it through Amazon.
  5. by   dd_txlvn
    I recently bought one from Walmart. It's an Igloo brand and it was under $100.00. It has 2 ice setting and makes ice fairly quickly. So far, it's kept up with my demand.
  6. by   Glitternurse
    We use Igloo at all of our sites as well. It is very good at keeping up with demand. We have found they last about 2 years. We had to replace 2 this year and will replace 3 next year.