How to fund going to School Nurse Conferences?

  1. Hi - fairly new school nurse who just joined NASN. There is a conference this summer in San Francisco that I'd love to attend but the cost for hotel, food, gas and conference is about

    Our district is broke.

    Is there a special fund in your district that helps pay for education? The teachers regularly go to conferences and I'm wondering where the funds come from. Thought I'd ask here on AN before I go to the superintendent.

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  3. by   ChristineAdrianaRN
    I am not a school nurse, but I am in the process of applying and have talked fairly extensively with the head nurse of the district. I asked her about professional development and she said that teachers and nurses are not on the same tier, so to speak. The teachers are "certified" (like we're not?) and their professional development is funded, but nurses are "on the same level as janitors" - ancillary staff. So professional development funding and help with further education = zilch. =\ As for how to get the funding to go to the conference, I hope someone here can answer that for you.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Thank ChristineAdrian.

    I am on the same tier, so to speak, as teachers. Same pay grade, etc.

    I have a temporary credential granted by the state, a BSN and I have 5 years from when I start my job to get a credential.

    You must have a BSN in my state and you must eventually get your credential.

    The only difference between me and the teachers is I'm not forced to be in the union.
  5. by   schooldistrictnurse
    It is a personal goal of mine to attend some kind of educational opportunity at least once every school year. My local school nurse association offers a mini conference (one day, $40) every year in the fall and my state has a two day conference in the spring (maybe $300). Some years those are my choices but not every year, depending on if the break out sessions are valuable to me. I have skipped the state conference several years. But there are also webinars (free) and continuing ed opportunities on line (often free) and monthly lunch meetings (I can never go--can't get away) hosted by my local school nurse association. I think the national conference is a big expense for starters, unless you live very nearby. Since I don't ask for much, my district has never refused me funding. I also consider the hours spent as work hours. This came up in another thread, but as hard to believe as it may be, my state does not require any continuing ed for license renewal. (Shame!)
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Thanks - I attend a monthly meeting with school district and public health nurses. Webinars are also great.

    This meeting is local in a way - I live 5 hours from SF.

    The California part of NASN has a pre-conference the day before the regular conference for $50.

    I'm going to ask for the money . . we'll see if I get any help. When I was hired, I was told I was on my own to get my college education credits for my credential. It's another $15,000 here to get that.
  7. by   mycsm
    The fund I access when I would like to attend a conference, in town or out of town is called............................................ bank account. They pay for nothing, zippo, nada, nilch, etc etc etc
  8. by   100kids
    I asked for a small conference that cost the district $55 + mileage and got it and plan to ask for another one similar pricing during the summer. I don't think my school will pay for a big conference but I plan on asking for 1-2 smaller ones each year for professional development.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from donnacee
    The fund I access when I would like to attend a conference, in town or out of town is called............................................ bank account. They pay for nothing, zippo, nada, nilch, etc etc etc
    Well, we shall see. I sent in the letter today.
  10. by   100kids
    good luck!
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from 100kids
    good luck!
    Well, if the dang conference wasn't so expensive . . . . it's been awhile since I attended a conference for nursing.

    My son's wedding is coming up this summer too - my expenses are tight. Just sitting here figuring out how many folks are coming to the rehearsal dinner. My son's fiance listed 75 people. I thought the rehearsal dinner was for the folks who show up to rehearse! That's not 75.
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    I got the money! Wow.
  13. by   100kids
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    I got the money! Wow.
    that's great! Enjoy the conference!