Hearing and Vision Screening Tools

  1. Just wondering what does everyone use for vision and hearing screening in their office? I have been asked to look at new options.
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  3. by   RNCourt
    For hearing I use an Ambco audiometer and oto-screen. It's model 1000. It is VERY user friendly. I get it calibrated annually. Hasn't failed me yet!

    As for vision I just use a Snellen Chart. I have grades 6-12 so I don't have to do anything too fancy. I would love to get a vision screener but it just simply isn't in the budget.
  4. by   Flare
    i have a beltone model 119. works just fine. vision I also just use a snellen chart. I do have a Titmus, but honestly, it's just faster to screen the masses using the chart. If i have concerns I can drag out the machine.
  5. by   coughdrop.2.go
    For hearing I use the Maico MA1. I have a regular size MA39 or 40 but the MA1 is awesome because it's very concise and great for travel between my schools.
    MA 1 Conduction Audiometer

    For vision I have an iPad and use the Near/Distance Vision Screening & Testing app by Good-Lite. I love it. Near, far vision testing with different optotypes that I can use for any grade/reading/comprehension level. At one of my schools I have a really small office so I use my wall Snellen chart. However, I have a bunch of different rolls of electrical tape that are different colors. I placed a different color piece of tape under each line. It's much easier to tell my students to read above the blue/orange/green line then say the 2nd/5th line or point.
  6. by   schooldistrictnurse
    The NASN School Nurse publication Vol 26 Number 4 (July 2011) has a review of distance vision screening eye charts and recommends Sloan letter charts as meeting national and international eye chart design guidelines. LEA symbols are recommended for children age 3,4,5, and 6 if still in kindergarten.