Come on...share your silly clinic visits

  1. What kinds of silly / unnecessary things do your teachers send to your clinic. Here are some of mine.

    Actual notes from teachers.

    1. He was driving me crazy
    2. She said she had a nosebleed last week
    3. I have sent x student to help translate because y student only speaks spanish (only one tiny problem - student x did not know one word of english)
    4. My brother in law wanted me to ask you if he has skin cancer, here is his picture.

    Students being sent down for

    1. pimples (hello - he is in middle school)
    2. talking back (hello - he is a middle schooler and that is not a medical condition)
    3. the student doesn't know - "my teacher just told me to come here."
    4. being sleepy all the time and the teacher swears he is on drugs. I ask the kid what's up and he tells me "I can't sleep, my 3 week old brother cries a lot" ( i am sure he would have told his teacher the same thing if she would have bothered to ask)

    And how did the nurse become responsible for:
    1. having an endless supply of safety pins
    2. torn and dirty clothing
    3. handling the students that teachers do not know where else to send
    (guess I missed those days in nursing school).

    Then, after seeing these things all day long, skipping lunch, and holding your bladder all day - one of the teachers ask you - why haven't you screened Jose's vision yet?
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  3. by   luvschoolnursing
    This could be a funny thread-I'll have to think of some. Right now all I can think of is a 5th grader who colored under his nose with red marker and came down swearing he had a bloody nose and I needed to send him home!
  4. by   zenman
    My favorite is the teacher who escorted this kid down who "felt hot." My comment: "Well I guess the first thing we need to do is take off this jacket." Remember, I'm in the tropics and this kid was zipped up to her chin. I couldn't look at the teacher because I know she was thinking, "Oh God, I'm so stupid!"

    And I have a physician here who usual interrupts when I'm half through with a kid. She asks this kid, "How often do you get nosebleeds?" Me..."Every time she runs into a pole."
  5. by   AppyHorseFan
    [font="comic sans ms"]had one just yesterday (monday). the teacher brings him in and says he looks flush, didn't eat lunch, and just sat during recess (very unlike him). take temp, it's 95.7 he says he feels fine and i send him back to class. teacher brings him back and says he "feels warm", take temp it's now up to 99.6 and i have him lay down, the teacher has already called mom to come pick him up. i ask about nausea/vomiting and he says, "no, i only throw up on the weekends." i couldn't help but laugh. then because it takes a couple of hours for mom to get to school to pick him up, he falls asleep in my office. in the meantime, i watch him and hear him snore some. when he wakes up and his mom finally gets here, i tell her he slept for a while and he denies it, "i did not sleep".
  6. by   mamunsey
    I had a studend sent to me by a teacher for coughing, no fever, etc, etc. he called his mon for meds. sent him back to class, teacher sends him back, wants him to stay with me until mom arrives, it was going to be 1 1/2 hours , she don't want him coughing on things in her classroom. When mom finally arrived, The teacher was in my ofice and told the mom to go ahead and take him home she did not want him in her room because he might contaminate her things!

    kids come to me to borrow pencils and paper, to get sncaks and whatever else they forgot this morning
  7. by   Dimple58
    Here are a few of mine:

    Note: Is this student pregnant? Student looks to be 6 months pregnant.

    Family calls to get free eyeglasses? Student has non-prescription colored contacts in her eyes when I screen her.

    Teacher just came from ear doctor yesterday and has prescriptions and wants me to check her ears with otoscope.

    P.E. teacher shows me tiny rash under his eye and wants to know if it's staph.

    Frequent clinic visitor (middle school) pretends to vomit in the bathroom and has crumbled a granola bar in the toilet when I ask for proof.

    The overbearing mother that works for law firm at home with epiletic student at middle school who demands that Exit Signs, ALL Student's planner front covers be removed (800 students) and laser pointers not be used by teachers because it might trigger a SZ, but student plays with Playstation 2 on large projector screen at home. And teachers flood my clinic for answers because she might take their teaching licenses. And student comes everyday to lay down in my clinic and pretend to SZ whenever a teacher makes him mad. And mom comes running crying wolf and says what teacher did this today baby? I hear him tell mom, I want to get her in trouble, I don't like her. (I no longer work there)

    Parent RN that wants me to do head-to-toe assessment on her anxiety/bipolar son on every clinic visit and email her my results because that's what I'm being paid for. (I no longer work there)

    The student that tells me he was jumped on his way home yesterday and has a bruise on shoulder. But after his mom is called he tells me the bedroom chest fell on him while rearranging his room. He said he was embarrassed to tell girls the truth but wanted to sound tough instead. (Middle school again).

    A student who said he wasn't eating at home. But when I call, he was told not to eat up all the pizza last night.
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  8. by   scucer
    in my school health clinical we had a third grader who would get sick every tuesday morning around 9am. come to find out that was spelling test time, and he just hated spelling.
  9. by   platinum_garb
    word of mouth is a wonderful thing. one kid must have told a friend that if you have pink eye you get to be out for a few days while its contagious...because in one day i had 5 kids come and ask me if they had it! best part?-none of them even bothered to rub their eyes or anything else sneaky before coming in to try to persuade me to believe them. lol
  10. by   BreezieRN
    I had a frequent flyer who came to the clinic because of wrist pain.... it was a mosquito bite. Had a teacher send two kids to the clinic b/c they bumped heads... children without any complaints.
    My favorite... a kid who came to the clinic b/c everytime someone bumped into him while playing football in PE he fell down.