Another Bad Day - page 2

Have you ever had the year from H_ll? It seems like this year has been and we just started our 2nd 6 wk. Please pray for our little community. It's been 3 wks since we lost a student here on the... Read More

  1. by   abc123RN
    Thoughts and prayers for your community.
  2. by   NunNurseCat
    I am so sad to hear this story. I have handled residential fire cases and condolence calls, but to lose children is especially hard to accept. Even when I never knew them it is still heart breaking.

    Allow yourself time to process this, talk with people, ask questions and share the grief load across many shoulders. There is no timeline or deadline to stop having feelings about it.

    I do not know the specifics of the case, perhaps nothing could have been done... but please everyone lets use this as a reminder to promote the use of smoke detectors and CO Detectors. Red Cross and/or the local FD will give out or install smoke detectros free of charge. If you have a family be sure to make a fire plan with your loved ones and children, where to go, what not to do, where to meet. Have a fire drill. Proper fire plans can save lives.

    I pray the family and friends find peace.
  3. by   scuba nurse
    So sad! Praying for your community!
  4. by   ohiobobcat
    I'm so sorry to hear this. Prayers to you and your community.