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was wondering if anyone had any word on the online program lpn-rn online from excelsior college and if i have no college courses just an lpn license to start the program what are the classes that i need total to take? thank you

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In order to get correct information and not waste your time taking classes that you might not need, it would be best to get your information straight from the school. I'm sure their website will have all the details that you need.

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Moved to the Distance Learning forum. Good luck to you!

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The information is available in their nursing catalog:

You might have to sign up for an account with the website, but it's free. Under the section called "School of Nursing," you'll see the "School of Nursing Catalog." That will tell you the requirements for the ADN.

After visiting their website, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call and speak to one of their advisors.

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thank you

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