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Hello all,

I'm a 31 y.o. ex- corporate world paper pusher who has decided to finally follow his interest in the health field and become a nurse.

I already have a BA in Information Science and would be taking my pre-reqs to apply for a 2nd BSN or accelerated BSN program. Since my prior Bachelors didn't require many natural sciences, I get to do all of them (yippee!).

Here is my problem: Even though I graduated, I wasn't the best student in the world. In fact, I barely made it across the stage to grab my diploma before they thought the better of it (and pulled a Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown bit). Come to think of it, I think there may have been a couple of chimpanzees who were higher ranked in my class than I was.

My question is: how much of a challenge is it going to be for me to get in to a program? I'd prefer to get into an accelerated BSN program but will happily settle for a two year BSN one. I intend to go to community school to take A&P I and II, Chem w/ lab, Micro w/lab, etc. I have talked to some of the admissions people for these programs and they have said that they will take a look at the whole picture and not just my previous GPA. Obviously my results of my pre-req courses will count too. I'd like to get other's suggestions on how to maximize my chances in getting in. As an adult, I'm much more serious about my studies than I was back then in college! Although, I will definitely cherish my college memories.

Thanks for any advice you can give! A new forum member,



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Loved the post! Great talent with words (grin).

(what can I say?? A kindred spirit!!)

Your pre-req courses will definately count in a large way. Do the best you can in them (considdering what you have accomplished, it probably won't be all that hard. A&P 1 & 2 really aren't that hard, -at least I didn't think so.

Not really sure how else you could boost your chances (does your program also have an 'entrance' exam? I know some do, and if it does, it will weigh very heavily in the final considderation).

Good luck!


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Thanks Gromit! (btw, looking forward to the new ST:NG movie!)

Not sure about the entrance exam thing, but there are some which require an essay and an interview, so that may help out. Some programs will consider GRE scores too, if it includes a MSN bridge.

I figure that the worst case senario would be I can take these courses and if I don't get accepted into any BSN program, then I can apply for an AD program and get in with more ease. Then go for the RN to BSN or RN to MSN route.

Anyone else have suggestions/advice for this newbie?

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I am a 31 yo former shepherd, I mean preschool teacher. I have a BA in social sciences. When I decided to go back to school for my RN, I learned that all the programs would take me about the same amount of time, with the BSN options taking maybe a semester more after counting my transfer credits. Anyway, I wasn't a super college student either.

The program I ended up going to was only going to look at my college grades in the classes they required. I had already started taking the required sciences and had As in them all, so that really brought me up. They also had an entrance exam and I did well on that. I am in a diploma program.

I also wanted to keep my options open should I decide to further my education. Prior to choosing my program I called two area MSN programs to see what I would be in for if I wanted to come in as an RN to MSN student. Both said there possibly would be 2-3 undergraduate nursing classes I would have to take, but all they require otherwise is a current RN and a bachelors of anything. If I did RN to BSN it would take as much time as it would for me to do RN to MSN (for most options, some of course take longer than others).

Anyway, I don't know what all options you have for school there. If you are really concerned, then take all the college courses you can, make the best grades you can, and when you apply for nursing school your GPA will be up and you can ask them to consider that your current grades are much better than your older ones. Good luck!


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Dave T, as you said, you are a grown up now and I have found in my experience (as I am in pretty much the same boat) that returning to school now, you have more enthusiasm and you want to learn. You sound like me when you said yippee about taking the prereqs. I am only one credit away from an AA in accounting and I've changed my major to nursing. Other than the fine arts class I need to take next semester, all my other classes are science/nursing related. I can't wait! When you apply for your nursing program, whether it will be an ADN or BSN, they are going to primarily look at your transcript to see if you took the nursing prereqs and how you did on them, I don't believe that they will be putting too much on your previous school experience.

good luck!


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All they care about is your gpa for the prerequisites. If anything, the fact that you followed through on getting a bachelor's degree the first time you were in college shows them that you are dedicated to follow through on a goal you set for yourself. That should give you some bonus points. :)

Good luck, let us know how it goes.



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I don't have anything to add after these great posts just wanted to say:

Good Luck and Welcome !:)


I go to an accelerated BSN program and you need a 2.75 to gain admission. But if you take your prereqs and do well, this will increase your GPA. I was a total slacker in college now and am getting mostly A's in my nursing program! Good luck!


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Wow, thanks for all the advice, warm welcome, support, and kind words! Of course, I guess that's to be somewhat expected in a nursing forum. This has given me new hope!

Now all I need to do is get A's in all my courses. Where's the thread for 'Pre-req Anxiety For Returning Students Who Haven't Set Foot In A Classroom For Just About Ten Years?'



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I agree with everyone - prereq's are going to be a biggie. You could also maybe start volunteering around - maybe at a health clinic, crisis center, red cross - whatever.....any bit of little experience will help - and it will show that you have a true interest in the field....not to mention it'll be good experience in general for yourself!!!

Best of luck - keep us posted!



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No advice (everyone else did a great job with that). Just lots of best wishes for you. :)


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hey dave...i am in the program w/ a woman that got pregnant 17 years ago when she was in college up north...she was enrolled in college at the time and moved abruptly, therefore failing the 5 classes she was enrolled in.

when she attempted to get into the program here her record did come up, but she was able to say "look at my gpa since then all a's" and she's in! no problem!

i think what claire said is a good idea too...i wish i would have volunteered b-4 getting into the program

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