Scheduled to Take NCLEX_ RN on May 11th, 2010!



I want to, first of all, express my gratitude to this site and everyone's input. I am literlly addicted :-)

I scheduled to take NCLEX-RN on May 11th! I know, in 2 weeks!!!:) I've been studying during my last semester and have done almost 3000 q's (Kaplan, Saunders, Lacharity, EXAM CRAM, NCBSN). NCBSN was purchased for us by school. Saunders has been my friend through nursing school. Anyway, my score is not as great. Kaplan Qbank averages 63% so far. Qtrainers at 60% on average. I'm a little discourged. My plan is to continue doing 150 q's /day and finish the Kaplan book by May 11th.

I'm thinking of rescheduling too if needed. What do you all think? Any input is greatly appreciated.


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The cram book is saying that atleast your making 77% before taking your exam. But Kaplan are realy hard questions. Harder the the actual Nclex. I used Kaplan, and Saunders, and with God's help I passed my exam last April 23. You sounds like you have studied alot, Dont reschedule your exam, It's normal to think of rescheduling your exam date when your getting closer to it. But I have to say, Take it with confidence and Pray hard my friend... Cant wait for you to become RN! You can make it! Trust in God. Do your best and God will do the rest. May God bless you and your exam. May 11 Go go go!


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Thank you! Thank you! I need to raise my score before I go face it... Thank you!