scaredy LPN or not? need ur help!!

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Ok gang,

I'm counting on you..this sis the situation... last night I started a new job @ LTC.. i was "promised up to 10 days of orientation " to the facility or until I felt comfy...Last nite,(1st day there), I was informed that I may have to manage the whole floor by myself..(50 pts)..I am scared to death ppl!! I have worked in LTC for a veeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyy short time ...I am flattered by the fact they think I can do this by myself...but yet I don't know all these residents...and i am scared of messing the fact that I will noit have anoithr nurse to turn to if something arises, that I have no idea how to handle, becuz I have never been "thru" it...

WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THIS?:eek: :eek: :eek:


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I have seen this happen many, many times: throwing someone to the wolves before they are adequately oriented. I've also never, ever seen management unable to find staff to do something when they really wanted to. You gotta speak up! Tell them you're not comfortable with it, and without proper orientation, you won't take the assignment!


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Protect your hard earned licsense! Open your mouth and tell them you are not ready till your orientation is compleat. If they can get you to jump now just wait till down the road and see what they want you to do against state regulations. You are your best advocate.


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Pull up your stakes and find another campground.

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No personal offense intended - they don't think you're ready. They don't CARE if you're ready. They need a body in that role. Taking it is putting YOUR butt on the line because if/when something goes wrong, the company will plead ignorance ("well, she accepted the assignment - if she didn't say it was unsafe, how were we to know?"

See also recent thread: "Is this legal?"

Long term care (and health care in general) is infamous for this...


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I've also seen this a million times. The sweet young thing who accepts a charge position and is oh so flattered that 'they think I can do it".

Watch your behind. I agree with Ratched...facilities DON'T care...they'll often put anyone in charge....they want a warm body to blame when something goes wrong. My advice : Don't do charge until you are ready for that level of responsibility and can go in with your eyes wide open.

Good luck!


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This is NOT flattering. It is to see how big a sap you are. Take the advice given above.


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Teddybear........Please don't think that these ppl have confidence in you......they don't know you with most LTC facilities in our great country, they are so short of staff, they will put anybody willing to work on the floor. I don't doubt that you are a great nurse.....just not yet 'knowledged' in the ways of LTC.

I worked LTC for many years and every place I went to, I too was promised 'orientation' for X amount of days........blarney!! The most orientation I ever got was 4 days....mostly it was 1!

I no longer work LTC as I was seriously considering another career or go completely mad. I absolutely love the elderly and I miss the relationship I shared with both patient and family, but I now work in Acute Rehab and love it....I will stay here as long as I possible can. Until the 'rules' are changed in LTC I won't be going back.

You can learn alot of skills in LTC. You will also learn the ways of administration.......knife in the back, etc.....

I wish you the very best, but PLEASE speak up. If you don't and something were to happen on your's your fault and they can make it look so.

Don' t let them start out by playing you a puppet.......SPEAK UP!!


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Thanx guys!! Just to let you know... I did discuss this situation with the DON and I let her know how I hopefully all goes well .....keepur fingers crossed!!! THX AGAIN!!

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