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My ADN program starts on Tuesday and I think it's just started to hit me. I must be insane to WANT to go through this!!! Last night I was organizing my stuff and putting my 132 page syllabus for Nursing101 into a binder and arranging it into weeks (15 in total). I was so completely overwhelmed at all that has to be done for this one class. I have two little girls (4year-old and one who thinks she's 2 already...but won't be for another few months). My hubby works 2 jobs, but is very supportive of me going to school. But I don't think he realizes what he's getting into either. I don't know when I'm gonna have time to read all that's required, let alone get all the papers and quizzes and other stuff done too!! I just keep telling myself that other people have been here and done this and survived! I guess I could really use some help from Moms who have made it at least through their first semester (though any words of encouragment from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated as well)! Class hasn't even started and already I feel like I'm sinking.... *blub blub blub* :scrying:

(Oh, and another note that anyone can respond to - Are you required to wear a specific uniform? Our school makes us wear WHITE!!!! Hello? How dumb is that?! And they can't be "scrubs." :banghead: I feel like I just need a little white nurse cap to pin to my head and I'll be good to go! Ugh!)


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Well,I have a five year old and a three year old and I am in my fourth semester of nursing so it is possible...oh and I got pregnant and had my newest baby three weeks ago,so let me tell you,if I can do it,anyone can! Just calm down. It is a lot, and it is hard. I won't sugarcoat it for you. It takes you wanting this. you have to make time to study,if you don't you will fall behind and you will get overwhelmed. Try not to start out so stressed because it's about to get much much worse. Nursing school is hell,but it is worth it in the end. I will hopefully graduate in may and I love what I do so far. Hang in there!


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You can do it! And if it makes ya feel a little better, there is a school here in Louisiana that not only makes students wear the traditional white but they DO have to wear the white nurses cap too!!!!!! Oh yeah! They DO! lol


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Hey, you can do this!! The key is time management and if you have a supportive husband you are all the better. Its a tough road but its only 2 years (or whatever your program is) which is only a fraction of your working life. You CAN do this. I've posted some tips that I've found useful on some other threads. But like another poster said, don't get behind and manage your time CAN do this.

oh and yes, we wear white scrubs to clinicals as well. YUCK


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started having babies and nursing school around the same time. It can be done. try to remain focused. pace yourself and keep alittle ahead on the reading. you can do it!! BTW i have a four year old and a two year old. and I have another due in july :)


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Hi! Yes, it can be done! Just take it one day @ a time! I just started 2nd semester of ADN. Have a 8 & 5 yr old. Plus a husband who is gone 4 wks, then home 2wks @ a time. Best advice is to not fall behind. I keep reminding myself it will all be worth it in the end. We also have to wear the white button up uniforms! Hate them. Lots of luck to you!


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BTW we have to wear a white button up uni and white pants. Im always paranoid my cycle is gonna start so i keep and extra pair of white pants in my car. :uhoh21:


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I was freaking out last night about starting my ADN program on Wednesday, but then my best friend reminded me that her mom did the same program I did 10 years ago and she had three kids, so if my second mom can do it anyone can :) I've already basically said good-bye to my social life for the next two years, and am only concentrating on family and real best friends, and of course the bf in Iraq. It's going to be hard but we can all do it :) One of my friends dropped out of nursing school after three weeks but I could tell it was b/c she didn't have the passion for it that I hold. So keep that passion going :)


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Im not into the program yet, but I wanted to offer some words of encouragement, especially because I will be going through the exact situation in a bit. You CAN do it! So many people before you have, and you will too! Many people find ways to study, even as a busy mom. I have heard that making flashcards and reading them while cooking, cleaning, or even bathing helps. Record your lectures and download them into your MP3 player and keep a speaker in your ear as your going through the day. If your a quick typer and flashcards help, flashcardexchange has free cards you can type up, I literally have thousands. I wish you the best of luck :)


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First of all you need to take a step back and atake a deep breath. it does seem overwhelming at first. I started back in the fall for my first year. i am going to vatnp in va. I felt the same way. i am 30, married with a son, and felt "why am i doing this? i should go back to the lab" (i am a phlebotomist). But after a semester it is not so bad. our instructors are great, and it will be worth it when we graduate. The best advise i can give you, during you school, always always always make some time for you to just relax. Even if it is just 15 min, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, and don't think about anything, just relax.

As for the uniforms, ours is white as well. they cannot be scrubs, they have to be a button down top with a collar, and the pants cannot be draw string. We are actually trying to get this changed, but at this time we are stuck with white.

Just relax, and enjoy the carrer path you have chosen.:yeah:

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You can do this. Just take it one week at a time. Don't look too far down the line or you're throw up from the stress. Take small bites and never get behind on the assignments.

....and it helps to list all the reasons why you're doing this and any motivational phrases to print out and look at during those rough times.


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Oh Sweetie - You'll be ok! Yes, it will be rough for a little bit, but it will be so worth it in the long run! You are a great Mama for wanting to better yourself & your girls will survive! Praise God for a supportive husband!!

Please, if there is anything you would like to talk about or need to let out - please let me know!

God Bless!

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