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So i worked on a tele floor for over a year and just had my second child. I tired to go back to nights but its not working out and need to do whats best for him right now. But i am scared to quit, what if i never get another job? I would take maybe 6m to a year and then would maybe go back to a different field. I did not like my job on that floor at all. We were always dangerously understaffed and to many heavy patients, to much turn over. I am glad i did it and defiantly learned a lot. But not sure i would like to go back. Am i making a huge mistake? I am calling my manger today to tell them nights is not working out for me and what if any are my options? because i dont want to flat out quit on them, i would pick up a shift during the day if they needed me in the future. I just cant commit to much right now. adv?

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Talk to your manager, be honest, tell her your concerns and issues, and see what your options are.... Sometimes when you talk things out, a solution will present itself. Bottom line is that you have to do what is right for yourself as well as your child. Maybe you should start looking for another job before you quit, though (if you need to work, that is). Good luck, hope everything works out for you.

Home health? Hospice?

I rode with a county OB nurse during school. She, hated the hospital from the get go, she was a second career nurse and could not see herself working with neurotic coworkers in such a dangerous profession, so, she quit the hospital after just a few months, she got this job, doing OB home health mom/baby checks. She was pregnant, also getting her masters, and had a CNA/interpreter ride shotgun with her on her cases. She as an older, and second career nurse was quite confident in being on her own, and told me she was much less stressed by just leaving the hospital environment. Our cases were all pleasant people who just did not have access to insurance. None were the stereotypical "users". Just people who were ashamed to need healthcare without the money to pay for it.

That sounds great! I would love to that ob home health...hmm did she have ob experience?

Erin, I was trying to remember... I don't think so. Pretty fulfilling job. It's all about teaching, and facilitating. As I am learning that Hospice RN case management (LTC) is. If you are good at assessing and like to make things happen, I gather these jobs are up your alley. You use your skills, but it will be your assessment skills and teaching/support skills, and communication with MD skills much more than being a "med monkey". You make the ball start rolling for your patient.

I have to add, I was so hell-bent on working only hospital. But with all the people I've talked to, I wonder. Great to get experience... but for what? All these very experienced nurses being dumped, and then, they are not able to find other jobs. I was talking to an old classmate, who got a specialty job due to someone she knew. She says she only gets part time, and then a hugely sporatic schedule at that after many months. She is prevented form FT -- as is most everybody else, thus any FT benes including continuing ed. She only got barely a month orientation and was told to find help then if she needed it. Problem is, they short the department so everybody is either new or too busy. No mentoring if your few experienced nurses only work once in a while and often not when you are there... hmmmm. I wonder... she's got loans, and cannot support herself really with this part time work. And here, even if the economy changes, will the hospitals hire? I can't help but think they like to count their money.

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Any chance of going to PRN/per diem in your unit?

See if you can go PRN.

Some places only require a couple of shifts a month.

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Never quit unless you already have another job, period!

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As others have mentioned, talk with your manager. Per diem would be great!

Please, don't be scared to quit. Just look at it as decision making and not an all-or-nothing choice. You need to look out for yourself, first!

Trust me, a facility would not be scared to fire a Nurse. ;)

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