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Scared in Fresno


I have been waiting for 3 semesters to get into the nursing program at Fresno City College. I start on June 1, and I am VERY scared!!!! I'm starting to doubt myself, having nightmares, the whole nine yards. Anyone else out there experience this or am I going crazy???? Also what do I need to know before I start??? Any tips????


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Take a deep breath! Nursing school is stressful, but you can do it! Once you get started, you won't have time to be scared. There will be 30 or 40 other people in the same boat with you. Talk to a friend or call a member of the faculty in the Program. They will help you get through this;) Before you know it, you will be all finished and have RN behind your name!



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Congrats on your acceptance to FCC:yeah:

I just finished my first semester and it was great. My advise to you is to look at your syllabus and start your reading and note taking now. You may even come across instructors that tell you to study for certain material and not others for an exam and come to find out that what you were told wouldn't be on the test actually is, and in great detail. So my advice is to read everything. I had to learn this the hard way. Your instructors may seem extremely hard and you might think there out there minds, but believe me it is all worth it in the end. My instructor would literally rip up our care plans after explaining what we did wrong and make us rewrite them.

My number one advice is to never discuss you grades with classmates. If you're doing well and another person aren't they can become pretty mean and envious of you. So to avoid all the drama choose the people you hook up with wisely. In the beginning of the semester I had bonded with some classmates that I thought was just as serious about nursing school as I was, so we formed a study group. As the weeks went by and some started missing study sessions, slacking in there part of study material, it was time for me to bail out. I'm just happy that I recognized the problems and got out of that so called study group before my grades suffered. Luckily, I found a study group that studied everyday and for hours. We would study from 6-8 hrs a day five days a week. Everyone was just as eager as I was. One of the other ladies that was in the first group quickly followed me to the new group and was happy she did.

Studying the material is the key, if you can grasp what is being taught you will be just fine.

oh one more thing, Attend that med math class its very, very helpful I believe the class starts tomorrow so check in the nursing office. They also have a care plan class I would advise you to take that as well.

Good Luck!!!:D


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hey! that's where i graduated from!! :) i transfered in during the ob semester, but i had a good time! oh man, some of the instructors are so amazing, you're in for a treat! and the peds course we got to do at children's hospital in madera was great...i saw things there i'll probably never see again. aaaawwww....i'm getting all nostalgic! *sniff*:loveya:

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I went to FCC too!!! I loved it! Just study your butt off!! I would have to read some chapters 2-3 times! Get an externship at the hospital after you first semester. I highly recommend it!

I was just wonder how would you get an externship after first semester ?


I am from Fresno :) You can apply for any externships starting 2nd semester so I would recommend applying after first semester ends. Apply like you would any other jobs (online and submit an application). If you have connections and resources with nurse managers at any Fresno hospitals you want to work in, go see them if their department is hiring. A lot of the hospitals have externships posted up. I had one and it was extremely beneficial.

Anyone here work in NICU and would be willing to give me recommendations on how to get started in there? I am a new grad! Thanks.

My number one advice is to never discuss you grades with classmates. If you’re doing well and another person aren’t they can become pretty mean and envious of you. So to avoid all the drama choose the people you hook up with wisely.

So totally true! I followed this advice and it lessened the drama from DRAMA level to just drama. Unfortunately, Drama does not end in high school.

Congrats OP. Have faith in yourself and you shall succeed. :)

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