Save or Throw old LVN Notes and Textbooks?


I'm doing some summer cleaning. I just graduated from LVN school and taking the NCLEX next month. I wanted to know if any of you saved your notes and books. I can see how the textbooks might be of use when I study for the NCLEX and start working for future reference. But I'm thinking to throw away all of my old notes, quizzes and test. Or should I hold on to them? Thanks in advance!


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Hey there,

I been contemplating the same thing myself. My nclex exam is next week. While I definitely won't just throw away the textbooks, I definitely think I will throw away all the old paperwork in the next few days. I mean gosh there is mounds of it lol. I have several binders stored in my daughter's old bedroom in the top of the closet.

Good luck with your nclex!


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Don't throw them away! I used my books several times as a reference as a new nurse. I also started on the RN this year through Excelsior. I use my lpn flashcards and books as my main source of study. You may want to do the same some day. I am so glad I kept them.


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Get rid of the notes, tests, etc. I held onto mine for six years and never looked at them.

Work has uptodate procedure manuals. The internet is there.

Looking back, I should have even tried to sell the textbooks via the used bookstore. The things are still useful but the drugs handbooks are old.


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Oh no I didn't mean I would throw away the textbooks. I just meant I was going to toss the notes and paperwork. Sorry my post was unclear:)

I also thought the same thing to see if perhaps I could get something out of them from the bookstore at the school, although frankly they don't want to give you anything for them. I paid $80 for a used math book, kept it one quarter, and then when I tried to return it to the bookstore they wanted to give me $20 for it. I posted a note on the bulletin board at school and sold it for $40 to another student. I didn't expect to get all my money back for it, but I wasn't going to let them put it right back on the shelf for the full $80 again... I am nice, but not that nice lolol:)

I had hoped I could go through Excelsior for my RN also but I am in Georgia and it is my understanding they won't accept it anymore. Not to mention my city no longer has just an LPN to RN program. It is just LPN to BSN now. The technical school I attended is supposed to be starting a ADN program in Fall of 2010, but not sure if they will have any type of bridge for LPN or not. I am still trying to decide which way to go.

You guys have a great day!


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I would keep it all. I've been keeping all my books/notes since my prereqs. It's just nice to have them all as reference.

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Chuck the notes, etc. Mine are in the closet, and next week, when I'm off, they are going to the trash. I haven't looked at them in 3 years. Keep the books, if you do EC or reg RN school, reuse them. I find them better than the RN books.

I'd save them! I just recently had to take my old syllabus in order to get a class waived. They also wanted to look at my assignments. Not all of them, but just a weeks worth. You just never know!

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