Saunders SATA questions! need opinions !! Asap


So I just realized on the Saunders Disk you can select alternative questions then from there you can select only SATA questions....I did one of the quick exams (10 questions) and scored a 20%, I got 2 correct ! :no:Of course I either missed one or added one too many. Nonetheless, they are wrong, dont get partial credit on nclex :crying2: Has anyone else done any of these questions?? I'm scheduled to test on the 13th of April, but after that awful display of lack of I reschedule?

Has anyone else done any of the Saunders SATA questions?:confused:


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Get a copy of the LaCharity book on prioritization. It should help you with this type of question. Otherwise, do not psych yourself out. If you know the material well enough, you just approach each option separately. Don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed.