Saunders 2010 or Kaplan's RN Course Book

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Please help me to decide which of these book would be most beneficial in my studies for repeat NCLEX RN. I plan on taking all of the practice exams offered by Kaplan review course, and have taken hurst in the past. So what I am wondering is, what can I used to cover needed content to give me that extra push over the finish line? I have just learned about the decision tree and plan on using that in my review of questions, but what do I use for content? I Don't want to fall short next time! It was totally a hurtful and disappointing situation! Especially since I did study my brains out, and wasn't successful..Some of us just have to study so much harder...Maybe someday someone will make a book for the "C" student!..I have to master this NCLEX WAY of looking at the options! Thanks to all who reply.:idea:

i would refer the saunders text...its simple and has all the needed explanations,,,:),,,,good luck and god bless,,,,:)

kaplan was giving out their course book for free in august on itunes. not sure if they still do. another way to compare would be to borrow the book from your public library and see if the material is interesting to keep you going.the edition may be different but the writing style is pretty much the same.

I found both books to be very helpful. Saunders solidified content and Kaplan (plus Qbank) helped develop critical thinking skills/strategies to answer questions. Although I did not utilize the decision tree during my exam... I found the practice questions helpful in understanding what the questions were really asking.

I did HURST as well and it helped early on in my review by making things a lot more simple to understand.

I passed the NCLEX-RN on my first attempt!

Good luck! You can do it!

Suggest you go to a bookstore and look at each to determine which is best for you.

Thank you to all who took time to respond. I have several NCLEX BOOKS at home , but was trying to decide between these two. I have previously taken the Hurst review, and failed my first attempt. Now I am giving Kaplan a try, and also wanted to add the new Saunders Book to that equation. Praying to be successful on my second attempt! Thanks.

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