Saunders comprehensive review or Prentice Hall?


Which do you prefer and why? I'm required to have one for the start of my program but since Im new to the NS thing, I don't know exactly what Im looking for in terms of content. Thanks for any input!

Saunders. It has saved my life when I took Med-Surg. Verrrrry helpful.

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Saunders (the blue book) is great. I've used it throughout my program.


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I got the saunders and I also got prentice hall "med/surg reviews and rationals"...I have to say, both are great. The reviews/rationals book seems to lay information out in a better format to me. One book will cover some things in more detail and the other book seems to cover other things really well so I like having both. For example, the saunders book didn't have hardly any information on PVD and Hypertension, it was just sort of integrated into its cardiac chapter, but the med/surg reviews book had a whole section just for hypertension and pvd and that's what our test was on. So I was glad to have it. Both of them have practice questions and cd's with more practice questions which are great.

I got the Saunders book about a month or so ago. I really like it and can't wait to start using it after I'm done with this micro and math class. Good luck!