Saunders CD or NCLEX-4000 CD?

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I will be graduating in December and taking the NCLEX as soon as possible in Pennsylvania. I cannot afford to take a Kaplan course as they are too expensive. To those that have taken the NCLEX already, would you recommend using questions from the NCLEX-4000 CD or the Saunders book CD? Is there a specific CD that has questions more pertinent to the ones on the exam? I would appreciate any help! I have started doing questions, but want to maximize my time.

Thanks in advance for all your help...I love this site and have accessed it often.

All the best

You can not predict what questions you will receive so trying to get something that has questions "just like" is futile. Any way you look at it, you need to know the material. If you know the content you will be able to answer questions no matter how they are worded. If you only have so much money, would advise you to start with the Saunders material.

Thanks for your response.....I will try the Saunders book!

hola, I used the saunders book and the cd. The cd really help because I was able to understand why I answered the question wrong.

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