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how did you guys prepare for SATA questions? Did you guys used a specific book or website. I would appreciate this a lot since SATA is my weakness aside from medications

I would recommend doing as many SATA questions that you can before your exam. How far away is your exam? I always say close to your exam you should focus on your weak areas so with whatever books you are using to prepare I would hone in on those SATA. Try to do as many as you can to become comfortable with them.

I don't have any specific books to recommend but maybe somebody else who comes along will. I would just practice all the SATA you can find within the books/CDs/etc that you have.

A great way to approach SATA is to use the True/False Technique. Look at all of the possible answers and say to yourself is this statement true or is it false? If it is true select it and move on to the next statement...if it is false don't select it and move on to the next statement. Don't go back to any of the items after you have decided to select it or leave it alone. Your first answer is probably the right answer.

Good Luck!

Saunders SATA cd is very similiar. and on the cd you can just select to do the sata

Agree with the first post, your first answer is usually right! I had the horrible habit of changing correct answers in school, I doubt myself too much!

I had around 30 or more SATA on NCLEX, also my weak area. Apparently the more SATA questions you get the better you are doing. Would have been nice to know that before hand, I felt like crying half way through :(


Has 1 years experience.

I was AWFUL at SATA. I did the Kaplan SATA test and I think I got in the 30s. It stressed me out so bad. On the NCLEX I got around 20-30 SATA and it gave me heart palpitations. lol I took it one answer at a time. Some were easy, some were difficult, but I passed in 75Qs (Oh and I only got 2 pharm questions!!)

So - SATA and Pharm were my weakest areas, too, but I passed. More than studying/practicing SATA...I would recommend just doing testbank questions. This will give you the information you need.

What study program are you using?

I'm currently using the Hurst online review and PDA by LaCharity and I must admit I'm not really happy with my scores. My exam is on the 16th and I have been studying intermittently for 3 months. Honestly, I'm getting more anxious as day goes by. I want to pass the NCLEX on my first attempt. I'm actually contemplating on purchasing the Kaplan Qbank.

The Qbank is awesome however studying intermittently may be your problem in itself...now that your test is coming up study hard for the next week, maybe 5 or 6 hours a day minimum...definitely take a day or two to relax right before the test but if I was studying for as long as you did I would probably feel unmotivated seeing as how much time I had before my test...now that it's actually here buckle down and study! I didn't feel super confident with my prep test scores before taking the exam but I knew I had studied hard for almost 5 weeks and I ended up passing in 75- you can do it!


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