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San Joaquin Delta ADN Spring 2015


Anyone who is applying for the Spring 2015 ADN program at San Joaquin Delta College care to share info with one another? A thread hasn't started yet and the application is set to be opening on September 2. Does anyone know the point range cutoff from last semester? I hope this is the last application I have to submit... Good luck to everyone!!!

I've heard it was low like low 60s I just applied yesterday I have 77 Pts If I get in I'll have to commute from Wilton though :/

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What classes do they count to calculate points? I'm applying in February

If you look on their website they have up a point grid and you can calculate your points using that but for prereqs they just look at bio 430, 431 and 440 and they look at nutrition and English sesperately

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Out in the country outside of Elk Grove

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Aren't we supposed to find out today if we are conditionally accepted??

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Did anyone check the application status? I have just checked the link but it said no record was found? Please share with us your situation.

Me and my friend have been checking it all morning also and still "no record found"

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No record found for me also despite checking frequently. Anybody get any information yet?

Clueless91, if the point cutoff is similar to previous semesters, 77 will definitely get you in.

It's up! You leave the application period blank and that worked for me. If we got accepted to submit documentation does that mean we are in?

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Yes, it is up. It just have added one more application period for spring 2015 then click on that then it will show. I don't know but I also have been invited to submit documentation. Hope we will get in. May be we should wait until Oct 7 to check the final rank then we will know the result. However as I know that you got 77 point so it is pretty sure you will get in.

It says we won't know the final rankings until November 3rd! I'm not so much worried for me as I am for my friend. Her points are in the mid 50s :/

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@Clueless91 Did your friend get invited to submit documentation?

I'm at a loss as to my status because when I try to log in with my Delta ID the log in page re-loads and I can't get any further to see whether or not I was invited to submit documentation. I did receive the confirmation email after submitting my application. I am using that link and am able to log in and get to the Delta application, and when I put in my delta ID my birthdate autofills, so I'm in the system. Any ideas?

Oh yeah I make a mistake Oc7 is the due day for submitting documentation. Yes we should wait to Nov3 to check the final rank. So does your friend received the invitation for documentation submission? If yes, we still have a hope!

hi Deralynn,

please do it again, put your school ID then your birthday and chose application period for spring 2015 then submit and you will see your status. Hope it will help

Yea! She got an invitation to submit documents :) the application is a little confusing though.

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Thanh, I've tried to the point of insanity. Nothing I do seems to help. I click Login, the screen flashes quickly, then returns to the same Login screen with my Delta ID, birthdate and Spring 2015 still filled in. I had no problems filling out the application, and as I said I got the confirmation email, so this inability to access my application status makes no sense.