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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jonette and I will be attending Galen College of Nursing in San Antonio in July for LVN . I wanted to get some feed back from current or previous nursing students that has attended or currently attend here on what I can expect and some tips on how to be successful in the LVN program.

Hello :) I will be attending the July session there as well ! I previously almost finished my LVN in California but moved to Texas last week. I would love to help you and show you how I got through almost all my program in Cali. And lvn school in Cali is harder because the standards ! Just focus on TIME management

Hello Melodyyrainnn,

Yes I need all the help I get :happy: and I definitely need to work on time management. Do you have to start completely over? Will you be attending orientation June 26?

I am seeing if they will take my pax from my old school but if not im taking it tomorrow afternoon. And yes I have to start over :( sigh. Yes I should be there ..they actually haven't said when orientation was to me yet. Have you taken your pax?

Yes, I took the pax in April and when I had my enrollment appointment at the end of May I got my orientation date. Hopefully they will accept your pax score from your previous school.

How was the pax for you ? Did you use the resources they sent you ? I'm so excited to start !

The reading comprehension was a little challenging because it was like 6 to 8 passages long and I was trying to scheme through it but I found it helpful to purchase the pax practice test on which is a link that Galen sends you before your exam and I feel it really helped me with the vocabulary and science sections and I also purchased a pax pn pre entrance exam book off of Amazon which I also found useful as well. I'm excited but nervous at the same time!

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I'm starting the BSN program in July. Does anyone know why it takes so long to get the schedule? I'm really anxious to get it, and I'm afraid when it comes I'll have no time to adjust my current work schedule. í ¾í´”

Hey Twochance, Do you mind sharing your PAX score? I applied to start the BSN program in September. I scored a 130 on my PAX, and I currently have a BA in Psych. I am just wondering how competitive I am.

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I got 144 and was 97th percentile. I think you're competitive - don't worry. I believe you are supposed to score at least 120 for the BSN, so you're all clear. Plus, if you have a B.A. the entrance exam should have been a walk in the park. I think you're also competitive because you've already demonstrated that you can handle coursework and higher education.

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Actually, you're supposed to score a 101, so that's even better for you. Good luck when you start in September!

Hello everyone! I applied for the September start BSN program. For those starting in July, when did you learn you were accepted? I was told I should find out if I am accepted in late June or early July.

Spurslover-first off, great user name! Second, we have similar backgrounds. I have a BA in history and a MA in counseling. I scored a 134 on the PAX. I think we have great odds of being accepted.

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