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  1. Twochance

    San Antonio, TX which job to choose.

    Could you send me a PM about what you know about Christus as well?
  2. Twochance

    The Mayo Clinic Netflix Documentary

    Can you send me a more detailed message about this? I'm looking at the residency program, and I'd like to know about your experience.
  3. Twochance

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    What scholarship is that?
  4. Twochance

    UNMH Nurse Residency program?

    Did you end up working there? Can you answer your original questions for me? 😊
  5. Which did you end up choosing? I found this thread because I'm looking at places to live and work in the future. I have 1 year left in my program.
  6. Twochance

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    I'm not sure. Whatever the handbook says. I put it on all my documents last year.
  7. Twochance

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    @ciaraf, they want you to upload the documents with a header. That was my understanding. It should have your ID, your program type, and name I think
  8. Twochance

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    @Smcshane and @Izzystout, I found this from the application guidelines: "The Nurse Corps SP award and contract is for the 2019-2020 academic year (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020). " And this from studentaidhelp.gov.edu " If you will be attending school from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, you should fill out the 2019-20 FAFSA." https://studentaidhelp.ed.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/386/~/should-i-fill-out-the-2018-19-fafsa-or-the-2019-20-fafsa%3F I hope you both still qualify. Update your application if you need to. I still don't qualify. 😔
  9. Twochance

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    @smcshane now I'm confused. Maybe I do still qualify 🧐
  10. Twochance

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    @Smcshane, the rules for the 2019-20 year per FAFSA are that you must use your 2017 information. You can get into some kind of trouble or run into issues if you use the wrong year. I called the Nurse Corps helpline, and they verified that 2017 info is what is used to determine eligibility. https://blog.ed.gov/2018/09/7-things-you-need-2019-20-fafsa/
  11. Twochance

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    @jleegato, thank you for that info. The whole situation seems unfair. I've kinda lost faith in the scholarship. I'll just have to look into loan repayment programs, then.
  12. I can't seem to find a thread on the latest round of Nurse Corps Applications, So I'll start. My initial point is more of me venting, but guess I'll ask - Should I even continue with my application? The new cycle and FAFSA wants us to use 2017 tax info, but in 2017, I was preparing for school and was employed full-time. Now that I'm collecting pennies and in dire need of assistance, it looks like my EFC is almost 8000. I can rarely work in reality. I'm really disheartened and confused as to why the FAFSA is set up like that. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Twochance

    San Antonio Galen College of Nursing

    Hey there, My application was complete when I took my exam on February 20. I got the acceptance call on March 16.
  14. Twochance

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    I'm so depressed. I missed the deadline because I miscalculated the time. Hopefully this just means that my efc will be lower, and I can have a whole year to perfect the essays for the next round :'(
  15. Twochance

    San Antonio Galen College of Nursing

    Actually, you're supposed to score a 101, so that's even better for you. Good luck when you start in September!
  16. Twochance

    San Antonio Galen College of Nursing

    I got 144 and was 97th percentile. I think you're competitive - don't worry. I believe you are supposed to score at least 120 for the BSN, so you're all clear. Plus, if you have a B.A. the entrance exam should have been a walk in the park. I think you're also competitive because you've already demonstrated that you can handle coursework and higher education.

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