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I am currently enrolled for the 2010-2011 LVN Mobility program here at good ole San Antonio College. I know a lot people wonder what SAC is like; so like me they google only to come up with like 3 year old posts, which are irrelevant to the current climate. I figure Id make a new post with new current information and try to answer any questions you guys may have in considering SAC. Heres the run down of my schedule for those that think its too long

This is my schedule from Aug - January

Mon and Tuesday - Clinical's from 4pm-10pm

Wed - Med surge Complex - 4pm - 9pm

Thursday - Mental Health - 11pm - 1pm

So far both of my lead professors are doctorate level nurses, one is a PA and the other is just a doctorate in critical care nursing. So the myth that they are poorly educated professors is grossly wrong, at least in mobility. They are really nice and helpful, while most of the time our information comes from power-points only about 70% of the testable material is generated from then, the additional 30% is from book reading. I still have no idea why teachers love the small print such as exceptions or in children/elderly type of book related questions.

Our class started with 40 but we lost a handful because its too hard or (Insert random excuse here). During the beginning of class there was a lot of negativity about how disorganized it was or how no instruction was given.

Let me point the following.

On day 1 both instructors said we are no longer LVNs we are RNs Students and need to think like an RN. So they purposely give you care-plans with no directions to see how you do. Most complain, some wander around aimlessly, and others figure it out. Well as an RN you will have LVNS or pts, families ask a billion questions. As a LVN we say "Lemme get the RN". Well guess what we are now that RN, so we are expected to know the answer or pool our resources to figure it out. I digress

Its been 2 months since the start of the program. Tests are hard, only about 50% passed our 1st two tests (medsurge and mental health) We have a test every week. You have to study, you have to dedicate time, otherwise you will struggle. The instructors dont make it hard, the material itself is hard.

If you have questions please ask Ill do my best to answer them and from time to time Ill post updates for you guys to read.

Oh and one more thing for those that think they dont have the grade.

I applied back in January. I had a 3.4 GPA. I was MISSING Chemistry, Growth and Microbiology. I am taking micro right now with my nursing classes. Not fun but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Are you able to maintain full-time employment while in program? Do they figure all college coursework into application GPA, or just pre-req courses? Tried the website, but each link gave me an error!

I work Fri, Sat and Sunday night doing pediatric home health. So there no conflict with my schedule. For others during the day its pretty hectic for them. The workload isnt too terrible yet for the 1Q. So yes you can work a full time job so long as you give yourself some dedicated study time. I dedicate about 20 hours a week into it and holding on to a B.

When I talked to them last January they discussed a point system based on your pre-reqs, GPA and the next best guess of end of the world. Basically it was all giberish for THIS fall class. There were people with incomplete Pre-reqs and low GPA al la me, who got in. Personally, Id apply even if you dont have all your pre-reqs if you have a 3+ gpa.

Take note though even thought you may have completed your nursing courses they will not send off your ATT until you finish off your basics. Trust me you really dont want to take your pre-reqs during the nursing classes. Its a pain in the butt.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the new post. I wish you the best!

I agree, I just got accepted :yeah: i am just a licensed as a LVN. I am really excited to start Jan 11, I agree about applying any way, did not do well in my science courses © and did not get accepted the first time. I did LVN program at Baptist and and did VERY well then applied and GOT IN! So I agree the worse thay can say is no. :up:

Congrats on your acceptance! I will see you on orientation day, Ill be on hand to answer any mobility questions you may have during the day, or if you have any now Id be happy to answer them for you.

I also will start in the Spring 2011 session. However, when would I expect to graduate? I thought if I start in January I would graduate in December. Is that correct? Based on your hours, are you in the evening classes or are all the clinicals in the evening? Good luck and I will look for your reply..

I also will start in the Spring 2011 session. However, when would I expect to graduate? I thought if I start in January I would graduate in December. Is that correct? Based on your hours, are you in the evening classes or are all the clinicals in the evening? Good luck and I will look for your reply..

Your semesters will look like this for the next year, while you can potentially double up to graduate a few months early its not recommended.This is shooting from the hip mirroring what I am doing now.

Jan - May:

Medsurge Complex + clinical and Mental Health + clinical. Please note it is only 10 hours of credits and for financial aid reasons it is NOT considered full time. If you have any remaining pre-reqs I suggest to take them this semester. A lot of students overlook the entry level computer class ITSH 1301. Take it this semester as it isn't to terrible, you can take it online as well.

Summer 1

Transitions AND OB or Peds

Summer 2

Transitions AND OB or Peds

Fall 1

Management class and Critical Care

Projected graduation would be mid Dec after finals.

When you sign up you can pick which clinical times you want to attend, day or night clinical's. This semester they grouped up all our lectures into one night (4-7 on Wednesday) with exception of 2 hours for mental health on Thursday (11-1). I have no idea what they are going to do for you guys come Jan 18th.

Hope that helps.

Also go buy and read your books. When I get a chance Ill go scan the syllabus for you so you can start reading.

First off I would like to say your awesome for posting the above information. I am a new LVN to start the mobility program in January. What I would like to know is if the teachers at SAC are helpful when it comes to exams. i mean do they give you any idea of what will be on exams or do they leave you hanging. I've heard its very disorganized, but I'm more concerned on how the content is presented. Thank you in advance.

I read this but am headed to work atm. Once I get settled Ill reply to you.

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