Samuel Merritt ABSN -Summer 2022 Oakland


Hi future nurses! I wanted to started a thread for those of us that have applied to Samuel Merritt's ABSN Summer 2022 cohort. I'm hoping we can answer each other's questions and get an idea where the school is at in sending acceptance letters. Yesterday I received an email saying that they completed the preliminary review of my application.  Anyone else receive the same email? 

Thanks for starting the thread, Anya. I believe I signed up for the Summer session and I had a September 1st application deadline. Is that right for you? 

Hi @Elaine Yu Yes the deadline was September 1st.  Did you receive an email about your preliminary review yet? I believe another applicant also started a thread for the same cohort but with a different title.  Glad that you found me.  Best wishes and good luck to everyone that applied.  I'm checking my emails daily.  🤞

@anya.marquez - yes I received my preliminary review email back on 09/22. I tried to look at old threads to see when people are getting admission notices but cannot seem to find any guidance on this! 

@Elaine Yu I received my preliminary on 10/7.  From reading the Spring 2022 cohort's thread it seems like we might be hearing back approximately 5 weeks after receiving the preliminary but that's just a guess.  That would be awesome if we knew by mid November.  Are you applying to any other programs?

That would be great because I’m planning for applying for the December deadline as well if I don’t hear back. This is the only program I’m shooting for.

I'm planning on applying for the December deadline as well.  Where are you located? I live in Walnut Creek which is closer to Oakland so fingers crossed I get in there. 

Hi everyone! So glad I found this thread! I applied on September 1st and then received my preliminary app email 9/30. I had applied for fall 2021 back in April and didn’t get in so I’m retaking some classes that finish in December. Hopefully we find out more information soon! When waiting to hear back about the fall 2021 cohort it took a really long time and they were super delayed so hopefully that won’t be the case this time! Good luck everyone 

Hi @mikilikacheetahwelcome to the thread. Awe I'm sorry you didn't get in the first time.  I'm sure it will help improve your chances to retake some classes.  Ugh that's disappointing to hear that it took so long for you to hear back.  Do you remember how long it was (like in weeks) after your application that it took to hear back?  

Nope, I’m getting impatient LOL. 

So far I haven't heard anything.  If anyone gets a response please let us know asap.  Good luck everyone!