Samuel Merritt ABSN Sacramento Spring 2010

U.S.A. California


What's up people? So I've been searching for some threads pertaining to this program in leu of going crazy after submitting my application. So I figured I would start a post so that us SacTown applicants can chat... Anyone know how long before SM sends their letters?

CC27- I believe nursingmomma applied to the ELMSN and as far as I know they do not hold interviews for the ABSN program so don't be alarmed. It sure would be nice though if we could hear something. The wait is killing me.

phew... thanks 2bgr8nurse. yes it would be nice to hear something. i got an email, verifying that my application to samuel merritt was received. and the email also included this info:

here is a general timeline for the admission process:

jul-aug: admission application review

aug-sep: faculty application review/elmsn interviews

late oct: applicants notified regarding admission status

so i guess we just keep waiting. i'm just pretty nervous, due to my less then perfect gpa. i have a 3.0 in my science pre reqs. anyone else in the same boat? what are our chances of being accepted?

I wouldn't be too concerned about your GPA, I think SMU really looks at the whole package rather than focusing on one thing. Your TEAS, essay, prior clinical experience and overall GPA will all play a role in whether you get in. I got the same email about dates. It would just be nice to know already. If I don't get in here I'll have to reapply to all the lottery schools, which is slim chances of getting in.

How were your other grades?

mattman, did your friends interview for the FNP program, or the Case Management program at the beginning of this month?

Has anyone heard anything for the ABSN program? I cannot believe that we are going to have to wait until October to hear back from them.

Did anyone else apply for the ELM as well? Do those people find out in October, too? Or do they find out sooner?

Hello. So I got the email today from the ELMSN -case program saying the outline of time. From what I understand, and maybe I am confused, but the FNP program has been conducting interviews for a while. I am not sure who long case management has been doing them, if they have started at all. From the sounds of it, if we are still receving emails about the application process we have not been compltely booted out!!! Just confused on the interview decisions and if ANY denial letters have been mailed?????



What email did you receive today? Would you mind copying and pasting a bit into a post? Im curious to see if it is an email that I received, or if it is a new one that I didnt get. I also applied to the ELM-Case Management program, and I have not heard anyone say that they have heard much. I think that the interviews for FNP might be almost completed, and that the interviews for Case Management are just starting. I wouldnt stress too much if you havent heard yet.

As far as I know, the acceptance and denial letters dont come out until October. We are all in the same boat.... waiting.

hello kellye,

thank you for your elmsn application for samuel merritt university's sacramento regional learning center. i have reviewed your file and show the following in progress:


please note that the prerequisites above will need to be completed by the end of fall semester. if accepted into the program, i will need proof of completion of all prerequisites by december 14, 2009. a letter from your instructors will suffice until your grades are posted. i will also require official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.

the rest of your application is complete. here is a general timeline for the admission process:

jul-aug: admission application review

aug-sep: faculty application review/elmsn interviews

late oct: applicants notified regarding admission status

if you have any questions regarding your application, please feel free to call or email me. thank you again for your elmsn application.




That is great! It sounds like you are on their list, for sure. Good luck on your interview!

Hello marathon... they both interviewed for the n.p. program. Now that I am reading these posts, I don't think I've ran into anyone that applied for the case management track.

Thank you thank you MarathonRunner1. I am just curious as to when I will hear about an interview!! I think I would feel a little better if I got an interview date!! haha :) But like you said, it is a waiting game. Is that the same email you got???? Good luck to you too!!

Hello everyone,

I hate the waiting game also. I really think that SM is trying to get through all the applicants, I'm curious as to how many applied. I was interviewed for the ELMSN-CM and just got the call today that I have been accepted for Spr.2010.

Hang in there, they are just now getting the acceptances out.

Thank you Marathonrunner1 for starting a CM thread, anyone hear back yet, I'd like to hear more about you! We will be in it together for the next 26 months.

Congratulations Smurf7 on your admittance to the CM program at SM! :yeah:You must be so happy. Now, you can relax a bit and begin focusing on your busy year ahead. :D

I am still waiting to hear about the status of my application to the ABSN program. I do hope all of us ABSN applicants will hear something soon. It is really hard to wait so long for news. Ah well. At least we can find support from one another on this website. Good luck to everyone out there waiting anxiously for good news.

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