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OP, I think you have gotten some good advice. Take care


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I suspect the comment "What do you mean, I don't have a horse?" is more indicative of ignorance than class. The poster has not displayed class anywhere else on this thread, although she is quick to assure us that she is "a person of class." A person of class doesn't have to tell everyone how classy she is; the class shines through her actions.

Not everyone knows these American "expressions". This is a VENT forum and I am sure the OP was just VENTING about an issue that she cannot speak about to others at work.


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Why are you directly insulting a stranger?

I am fairly new to this forum and it seems that some nurses are supportive while others are so critical.

The OP was simply venting and stating her point on the new CNS.

OP good luck! I hope you found some good advice.


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I am so upset about an issue in my unit.

A new CNS is working with us and she is horrible. She has terrible people skills & terrible manners & she had no class.

I think that they could of chosen better specially when there is someone that deserves a chance.

Im just venting.


I can relate to your post. 5 or 6 years ago a position for the Clinical Nurse Educator was open, and there was a coworker of mine who has been at the same job on the floor for 10 years. She is educated with her masters degree in nursing education. She has a good rapport with all the employees in the unit. And not to mention the patients love her.

When the position was open and she had an interest, I thought she was going to get the position.

I am not sure if she was discriminated against because of the color of her skin. She is a very dark skin african-american woman.

And where we work it is about 90-95% white american.

The position was given to a nurse who worked in a different unit, who had her masters degree as well. But her attitude and rapport with us regular nursing staff was not very friendly.

She had history of being reprimanded for cursing at other staff, for kissing her boyfriend in the nurses lounge, and for lack of respect (such as interrupting the speaker) during meetings.

However, this nurse is very pretty, has long silky hair, and light skin and blue eyes did I mention she is white?

When this nurse got the position I was very shocked that someone with those type of people skills would have a position where she would have to speak to the entire staff.

She barely lasted 6 months in the position.

She got in trouble for nasty behavior such as speaking to the nurses in a threatening manner such as "I can write you up for that", she also displayed unprofessionalism by telling the new nurse "you will be trained by the day staff because there are no good nurses at night", and also interrupting who ever spoke at any staff meetings and saying "that's not the way we did things", "oh you think the manager is gonna do anything" (when told about the staff comments about a unit topic). She would walk into meetings and lounge with her legs open and resting her head on her hands.

Finally, the point of my story is to the OP.

Hang in there, and just do what you have to do so this woman doesn't get into your case. If your allegations on this woman are true, then I am a big believer in the quote "the truth will prevail" .

Just like what happened in my story. When this woman had so many complaints, then she left before getting fired. The Dean of nursing, then went up to my coworker (the african-american) and asked her if she was still interested in the position.

My coworker always wanted the position so she said yes.

The environment changed when the white woman left. The african-american nurse educator is so kind, professional, educated and had and still has a great rapport with all the staff. She is very encouraging that I started school again and will start my masters degree Jan 6.

I stayed working there because of the African-American nurse educator. If the other one would of stayed then I could never keep working in such a negative environment.

so OP hang in there.