Sacrifices for Grad School


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I recently got accepted into MSN-APN Program and I am very much ready to take on this opportunity. However, I would be making the sacrifice of being away from my family for the entire program with the plan on seeing them every couple of weeks. I was wondering how much sacrifices have you done before you were able to achieve your degrees? And looking back, do you have any regrets in doing so, or was it all worth it?

It depends on how badly you want it and that will determine what sacrifices it will take to get there. The only thing I felt I had to sacrifice was some lost income from going part-time and the time that it took to get the degree. Was it worth it, you betcha!


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Lucky you that is all you have to make...there is no doubt that I've been wanting to pursue this path all the years I've been a that I have a family, I just find it a little bit more challenging- the notion of being not so close to them just gives me the chill... I guess I just wanted to find out the % of nurses who are, like me, have kids and were able to finish their journey to Graduate Degree and how they felt about getting to the finish line. :-)

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Im in an APN (CNM) program, and it requires a ton of sacrifice. I try to work ~24 hours a week, but that is hard in addition to at least 24 hours/wk of clinical and 8+ hours of classroom (more at the beginning of each semester). I feel like I never see my kids, and I feel guilty because we are poor as dirt, and I know if I quit school and worked full time I could support my kids very comfortably.

If I wasn't passionate about it, it wouldn't be worth it. I went back to nursing school specifically to become a CNM ( I am a former home birth midwife). I never wanted to be a bedside nurse and while I love caring for moms and babies, I do not find floor nursing very satisfying. I want to have a lifelong career that I LOVE, and I want my kids to see that hard work and education can pay off. Hopefully it will pay off in the long run and I will get a good job when I graduate. I'm hoping to take the kids on a cruise next summer to reward them for their patience. I've been in school on and off for most of their lives, and they have been such troopers.

So, long story short- it's hard, especially if you have to work while you are in school. You will be overwhelmed and exhausted. But if it is your passion, it is worth it for sure. It's temporary, you just gotta keep your eye on the prize :)

I quit a good, fairly "cushy" job that I enjoyed (most of the time :)), and closed up my house and moved to another state with my boyfriend at the time (and our dog) in order to attend the graduate program of my choice. I worked as many hours prn as I could handle without affecting my studies (one 8 hr shift/weekend during the school year and all the hours I could get during the school breaks and summer), and returned to the "starving student" lifestyle for those two years. I took out some loans that I paid off over 10 years. I put a lot of effort into finding and applying for scholarships, and was able to get some that helped defray the expense of school.

I did not (do not) have any kids. It was a lot of work and expense (not to mention general "wear and tear"), but was definitely worth it.


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Thank you for your replies. It's reassuring to feel that you have been on the boat (or is currently in the same place) that I will soon be on and that you do not have or did not have any regrets. It makes me refocus and remember why I am pursuing this, reflect on the efforts and the sacrifices I have already made in order for me to get accepted into the program I've been dreaming of getting into, and to concentrate on my end goal. I know it will be worth it in the end. :-)


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OMG! Sacrificing is the name of the game! During grad school my life was in shambles! I'm glad I did it tho!

I have two more year and the sacrifices I am making better be damn worth it or I'll be a single man earning six figures and half going to alimony.

puravidaLV you are too funny!!!! :roflmao:

puravidaLV you are too funny!!!! :roflmao: